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July 29, 2010 at 1:00 am (Uncategorized)

(ADHOM): Ad hominem attack. A personal attack on a questioner. Usually used when an evolutionaut is defending his position, and he is asked a question he can’t answer.


(DEMEAN Q or Q ): Trying to make the question look silly, or demeaning the questioner.

(READ PPRS): Because he doesn’t have the answer, refer the questioner to a plethora of books/papers that don’t have the answer either.


(ACTUAL ANS ): Actual answers TO THE QUESTIONS POSED will be in black bold letters. I doubt we will see any of these, so I want it to be easily found if there is.

[ME] A comment by me

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  1. evolve5 said,

    Steve, I seem to be unable to leave a comment on your home page.

    I have read your book, find it amazing. If you send me an email I’ll reply with my appreciation. )-shaun at evolvedself and com-(

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