2. How I Came to the Conclusion that Darwin was Dreaming

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The above video is about my book Evo-illusion, now available at Amazon. The page begins below.

Since I graduated from dental school in 1967, I had been a firm believer in Darwinian evolution. I thought anyone who did not was naive. It seemed like such a logical way that we humans, and all other species had arrived on earth. I have always been fascinated with the subject, and study and think about it often. I was so comfortable with the TOE as the only logical explanation for how we got here. I was in awe of the genius of Charles Darwin. When visiting my son who was studying medicine at Chicago Medical School in 2004, I visited the Field Museum and saw Sue, their T. Rex fossil. What a great experience. But a puzzle came to mind. Why didn’t T Rex’s arms (or any other part of T Rex) evolve in the three to four million years that it roamed the earth?


T-rex-and-Raptorex-kriegs-001To further embolden my thoughts about T. Rex’s arms, recently a group of fossil hunters found a precursor to T. Rex that roamed the earth 130 MYA.  And, wouldn’t ya know it, the arms on the precursor were the same damn short arms carried by T. Rex!  Expanding the non-changing non-growth of arms by 60 MY! And the exact same body type as T. Rex for over 60 MY.  Stunning.
In the article on the subject (http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2009/sep/17/tiny-t-rex-fossil) they stated:”The beast, named Raptorex kriegsteini, roamed the Earth 130m years ago, tens of millions of years before the giant T-rex became the most fearsome predator in history. The finding has stunned paleontologists because the skeleton resembles the larger tyrannosaurs in every respect except its size. Measurements of bones recovered from the site reveal that the new species was one hundredth the size of T-rex…..”   “The discovery overturns scientists’ thinking about how Tyrannosaurus rex evolved. Many of the most striking features of the beast, such as its puny forearms, were thought to be a trade-off during the evolution of its enormous size, but Raptorex shows these features had already evolved more than 60m years earlier.”

Wouldn’t natural selection and mutations have evolved longer arms for T. Rex and Raptor kreigsteini, since that would have been a huge advantage in fighting and seeking food? For these species, there was virtually no evolution for millions of years, six hundred times longer than it took hominid to evolve into man. The more I looked at other exhibits in the museum, I noted that other species for which there were fossils over millions of years showed virtually no evolutionary changes.


Centipedes have roamed the earth for 400 million years showing only minuscule changes.

Trilobites (above) showed only minor changes over a 300 million year period, more than 2,500 times longer than it took man to evolve from hominid species. Crocodiles have lived on the planet earth for over 100 million years with little change.  Cockroaches over 280 million years! One would think in that time cockroaches would have developed language skills, intelligence, clothing……What differences are there in the seahorse fossil and seahorse above?

The Coelacanth is a living fish which first appeared 410 million years ago. (Fossil above left) It was thought extinct but recently has been found live in many locations throughout the world. (Above right) Coelacanth shows absolutely no sign of evolution since it first appeared, 2,000 times longer ago than it supposedly took man to evolve from hominids. Why didn’t it grow arms or something? The explanation on an evolution website: “This situation is still under investigation by scientists.” I’m certain that scientists are worcoelacanth2.jpgking around the clock trying to figure this one out! Actually, what’s to figure? Thcoelacanth.jpgere was absolutely no evolution with Coelacanth. Nothing to “investigate” here. What truly objective scientists should say is, “This certainly is additional proof that Darwinian evolution may not have occurred at all.” In Darwin’s own words: “Often a cold shudder has run through me, and I have asked myself whether I may have not devoted myself to a fantasy.” (Charles Darwin, The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin, 1887, Vol. 2, p. 229)


Massive changes would have to show in the fossil record for Darwin’s theory to be correct. Where were they? Fossil history should look something like the growth of a fetus, spread over millions of years. The growth of fingers, limbs, eye sockets and ear canals in fossil finds should be the norm. Were evolutionary changes specific to only fossils that haven’t been found? I started reading and studying to update myself on the subject, as it is a subject that I am obviously fascinated with. It is truly a strange experience realizing that something that I believed and defended vociferously for over forty years was nothing but layers and layers of conjecture; a fantasy. For me, when Darwin started going over the falls, the fall was fast. Suddenly, I started seeing, in every corner that I looked, an immense illusion perpetrated by the brainwashed, wishful thinking “scientists”, writers, and professors, and avid anti-religionists. It was a real shock. This website will pretty much log my thoughts and readings about evolution since my visit to the Field Museum.
Current fossil records show the appearance and extinction of millions of different species over several billion years. There does not, at this time, appear to be any morphing of one species into another through generations. Bird fossils appear, with no precursor with gradually growing wings. There are no animals showing gradually extending limbs. The fossil record looks like the evolution of the automobile. The Model T preceded the 1955 Fairlane, which preceded the modern Explorer. The model T itself did not morph into the model A. To many, this may seem like a silly scenario, but this is the closest model that can be made with the current inventory of fossils. What does this do to any scientific explanation of how species did go about “appearing”? There is no current objective and scientific answer.

Another thing about evolutionary science that is very difficult to imagine: The early earth, 4 billion years ago, was completely sterile. Earth and no entity on it had any “idea” what life was. It was probable that there was no life within trillions of miles of our planet. So, there was no model for life. It is easy for us to imagine life forming, because we are here, and part of it. Life is all around us. We take it completely for granted, so it doesn’t take much to imagine the formation of life. But when the earth was sterile, and there was no “idea” what life was, why would this completely inconceivable event of abiogenesis take place? Why would all of the atoms and biochemicals required for life come together in just the right manner to form living cells on this celestial body when every other celestial object that we know of is completely sterile? The earth could have simply remained sterile forever. Life would have to be considered a completely unlikely “invention” for the planet earth. The cause and reason for life is what I call the Puzzle. And in writing this blog I hope that I can come just a little bit closer to comprehending the solution, even though I know that’s impossible. At least I can eliminate ideas that are not remotely close, such as evolution, which is a start.

One final thought: When Darwin put together his theory, he thought cells were as simple as grapes. He had no idea about the complexity of the biochemicals or their numerous cycles that were needed for life to exist. He had no idea about the incredible fine-tuning of the physical and chemical laws of the universe that makes life possible. Since Darwin’s time, we have discovered the four forces of nature, and we know how they exist in just the exactly correct and immensely perfect and unlikely ratios for life to exist. We know that cells are thousands of times more complex than Darwin had realized. We know that proteins and other organic chemicals necessary for life are millions of times more complex than Darwin ever knew. We know that hundreds of thousands of newly found fossils don’t match Darwin’s theory, even though evo-illusionists tout that they do. We know how biological systems function, such those that produce vision and hearing, and that they are far more complex than anything Darwin could have imagined. If Darwin had known what we now know, he probably would have terminated his own theory. Darwin was intelligent enough to realize the limitations of his ideas using the knowledge that he had at the time. Random mutations and natural selection being responsible for all of the incredible wonders of nature would not come close to being proportional to thinking one could use only a screwdriver to assemble the space shuttle. The answer to the Puzzle is far more complex than any man who lives or ever lived on the face of the earth is capable of understanding.



  1. Kent Perry said,

    Quote Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”

    Not when ordinary evidence is all you will ever need and all that is required. Anyone asking for “extraordinary evidence “, isn’t just saying “prove it” , they are saying “Prove it,, I dare you”

  2. shaun2000 said,

    Steve, nice movie, great reading voice. Congratulations.

    I’ve just posted a sound recording of me delivering a talk as Darwin, a presentation intended for the general public. It’s at http://evolvedself.podbean.com/mf/play/t7zjhz/speech20min.mp3. It’s my message condensed down to 20 minutes. I’d love your feedback. Is it clear? Does it convince? Would I hold people’s attention for 20 minutes?

    A local theater has still not read my play, is still weeks away from making a decision. I figure a talk is easier to get presented.

    Your book is already much better in Amazon ranking than mine. Well done.

    • stevebee92653 said,

      I have been very busy the last few days. I want to give your audio a listen, and I will get back. Your suggestion of a preface for my blog was a great idea. I am up about 25% since I added the introduction. So thanks!

    • stevebee92653 said,

      You are a true thespian. Your one man drama is so well done. And of course it raises so many more questions that drive us humans crazy. The spider is born to do what it does? Preprogrammed? HOW HOW HOW? Gad. Maybe someday in some nether world we will get the answers. I hope so, but I doubt it.

  3. nightowwl said,

    Everything we are told from the day we arrive here is based on someone else’s version of the truth – even ‘being born’. Can you find the person who decided these truths: we love money & things, we are hateful, we are greedy, we are full of shame and guilt, we are so stupid we need history to remind us what evil is, big-pharma will take care of us since our bodies can’t be trusted to keep us healthy, life is a struggle, being poor is the ultimate sin, we do the best we can then we die.

    I can’t find that person.

    Haven’t you figured it out? The truth is not based on facts or evidence, it is determined by those with ability to convince others of their beliefs – he with the most willpower wins.

    • stevebee92653 said,

      Pretty insightful. And pretty true.

  4. Patrick Dennis said,

    “The more I looked at other exhibits in the museum, I noted that other SPECIES for which there were fossils over millions of years showed virtually no evolutionary changes.”

    “Trilobites (above) showed only minor changes..”

    triobites:not a species

    “Crocodiles have lived on the planet earth for over 100 million years with little change. Cockroaches over 280 million years! One would think in that time cockroaches would have developed language skills, intelligence, clothing……What differences are there in the seahorse fossil and seahorse above?”

    Crocodiles, not aspecies. Cockroaches, not a species. Seahorse, not a species

    “The Coelacanth is a living fish which first appeared 410 million years ago. (Fossil above left) It was thought extinct, but recently has been found live in many locations throughout the world. (Above right) Coelacanth shows absolutely no sign of evolution since it first appeared”

    Coelacanth, not a species

    Actually the fact that these arent species but higher taxa (composed of many species, both extinct and extant) is very demonstrative of evolution.

    As far as your objection to cockroaches planguage, T.rex developing longer arms etc. You arent considering the niche. Would language help invertebrate scavengers? Possibly,but they are pretty good at what they do already. Basically you’re asking why does not every animal recapitulate human evolution, which is naive or ridiculous.

    Indeed the trend towards short fore arms was in Trex exactly that. Obviously thye used their mouth to capture and grasp prey so there simply wasn’t any selective pressure tomaintainor lengthen arms.

    It’s always fun to read the memories of a supposed former evo who finally saw the light when it becomes obvious they never actually understood it. If they did their starwman objections would not exist or could have been dispelled by a modestbit of research.

    Thanks for the laughs..

    • stevebee92653 said,

      100% of all fossil samples in or out of any museum are species. I certainly hope you don’t get Tiktaalik tattooed on your forehead. Just think of how awful it will be when you find out it’s just another hoax. I would put off the tattooing for now.

      The laugh is on you for being so goddam gullible. The fact that no evolution appears in the fossil record was simply a catalyst for me that began a very long and detailed study of evolution, the greatest scientific hoax in human history. And you are obviously an avid believer, and quick to produce your fake internet laugh because I have ditched the hoax. You cannot. You will be forever fooled. Few can escape the indoctrination that we both suffered. I did.

    • Kent Perry said,

      Why is it the followers of Evolosophy come off sounding like such condescending arrogant assholes? That is besides sounding so stupid.
      Hi Steve, it’s been a while. Glad to see you are still fighting the good fight in the hope that one day that pathetic pile of piltdown paleontology’s faux fossils of fraud, they call evolution, will be relegated to having the same prestige and respect as astrology does and their so called scientists the same credibility Sylvia Brown receives on her Psychic hot line. Hope all is well with you Steve

      • stevebee92653 said,

        Hey, good to hear from you. I think you were the one that got me to writing books. N’est-ce pas? I am on my third, believe it or not. And the last on this subject. It will be titled “The DNA Delusion”. Fun write. Amazing what you learn from writing, as well as reading. It should be out in a month or so. The more I research, the more I write, the more amazed I am at the number of people who believe the bullshit of evolution. Actually, I am so amazed that it got me for many years. Anyway, I hope all is well with you too. Thanks for the note. If you would like a copy, let me know. I would be happy to forward one to you.

  5. Jack-Shawna Brown said,

    What makes one think that evolution has some sort of goal to grow arms on fish or make roaches talk? Selection is not GOAL oriented and the pace of evolution changes from one “population” to the next depending on the amount of variation that exist in the population and the external factors that are altering that variation. If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it logic does apply to selection.

    • stevebee92653 said,

      You are telling me what man has made up, just like any religion. If evolution has no goal, then it couldn’t construct anything. A mish mash of decisions couldn’t form a ball and socket joint because a ball and socket joint is a goal. So is a tube that carries blood. A tube must be a goal, or a tube could never be closed. Check outhttps://evoillusion.org/thinking-about-organ-ev-and-a-blind-watchmaker/
      See how Dawkins says there is no goal, then he programs a goal into his computer algorithm so he can prove hemoglobin evolved. He examples monkeys typing ME THINKS IT IS LIKE A WEASEL which of course IS a goal. Then he performs the cumulative selection, the keeping of correct placements of letters, which again proves his goal.

  6. shaun2000 said,

    I too have posted a video about my latest anti-darwinism book. https://youtu.be/rdYDX6RlDtk. Shaun Johnston

  7. Emotionally Stunted Emoticon said,

    Trillobites show only minor changes over 300 million years?
    You know that was a very diverse group right?

    Spot the deferences yet? Or thats not enough diversity for you?

  8. Mikael Mauze said,

    • stevebee92653 said,

      You listed this for what purpose? I was the subject of this blog page. I went on and “discussed” with them. (About halfway to the bottom.) When they were getting their butts kicked, they blocked me. And that was the end of the discussion.

      • Kent Perry said,

        I was just reading the hatchet job they wrote about you. They removed my earlier post and I can no longer post a thing

        If ya can’t beat em ban em is their philosophy apparently

      • stevebee92653 said,

        Ah. I didn’t recognize your name. They are amazing. They block as soon as they get their butts kicked. Which is so easy to do. I went to a site named rationalskepticism.org. I was originally invited to discuss there when it was a Richard Dawkins site. So I did go there, and it took no time form me to be warned about the most respectful of comments. Then I was blocked. Now they wonder why no one goes there and comments anymore. They were a hot site. Now they’ve gone dead. They blocked anyone who wants to discuss and debate. They are left with just a bunch of sucker evolution believers. And their formerly huge site is dead.

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