36. Ingenious Invention an Design:



     How long ago did the Big Bang occur? The age of the universe is a paradox. It has two valid answers, and both must be scientifically addressed. The universe has an apparent age and an age that is determined by the age of the first conscious observers. On Earth, only humans are conscious observers. Conscious observers are capable of observing, recording, and contemplating events and entities, which leaves out all other animal species. The first conscious observers needed vision and hearing to do their observing. Sight, hearing, and human consciousness also bring the universe into existence. Vision, hearing, and the age of the universe may seem like completely separate subjects. But in reality, they are inexorably tied together. A scientific discussion about the age of the universe isn’t quite as outwardly simple as it may seem. The existence of the universe and the existence of humans and their conscious observation are codependent. The universe cannot exist without humans. Humans cannot exist without the universe. If we are the sole conscious observers in the universe, the universe is completely dependent on us. Of course, if there are conscious intelligent observers on other planets in the universe, they also bring the universe into existence. If you don’t understand the need for conscious observation for anything to exist, take a look and this video. 

     According to evolution science, the history of the universe can be divided into three distinct phases. The first phase is the beginning of the universe through the formation of the planet Earth. This phase, which terminated with the start of life, was directed by pure unguided Dumb Luck happenstance, nothing more. The second phase is the initial appearance of life. The cause and/or source for the formation of life on Earth is a complete and scientific mystery. It’s a mystery, even though it represents the birth of evolution. Since evo-illusionists have no notion about the source of the advent of life, they turn their back on this subject. They separate if from evolution. I stand firmly in agreement with them that this is certainly their best strategy. The third phase is the advent of evolution, which came with the beginning of procreation by the first living organisms; in other words, the advent of natural selection and random mutations, which did not exist in the universe before the beginning of life on Earth as far as anyone knows. Maybe it took place and will take place, on other planets that have living organisms, but that is something we will never get to find out. Darwinian evolution was an entirely new concept that didn’t exist for the first ten billion years of the existence of the universe. When life began, and the procreation of living organisms, evolution was triggered and came into play. If evolution did what evolutionauts claim it did, naturally selected random mutations arguably represent nature’s most incredible invention. Random mutations and natural selection supposedly brought into existence the formation of millions of different species and all of their bio-logical systems, and humanity with its intelligence and consciousness.

     To recap, according to evolution, the three main phases required for the trip from the birth of the universe to the existence of humanity and the time required are:

  1. The origination and formation of the universe as well as the formation of our life-friendly home planet. The time required: circa 10 billion years. The major process in that formation: Dumb Luck.
  2. The introduction of life from an unknown source, in an unknown manner. It occurred circa 3.8 billion years ago. My guess for the time span for going from a sterile Earth to having the presence of living organisms is less than one year. Why a year or less? Since cells die quickly, they also must have attained living status quickly. So the time required: less than a year. The major process in the formation of life: Dumb Luck.
  3. The formation of all of living nature including humans by evolutionary processes. The time required: circa 3.7 billion years. 

     Evolution does not provide a continuum. With evolution, each phase represents its own immense but entirely different type of invention brought into existence in a space where it did not exist before. Each step is necessary for evolution to be valid. Without a universe to act as a stage for evolution, and without life itself, evolution would not exist. Nature, if it was truly “natural,” should present itself as a continuum and constant. The entities, processes, and pressures that form nature must have existed at the point of the birth of the universe, ten billion years later with the birth of living cells and thirteen billion years later with the birth of multicellular organisms. These entities and pressures should show a continuum and consistency. A universe with intelligence and inventiveness is that consistency.

     Whatever it was that formed the universe and humans, it must be a continuum since they are both dependent on each other for their existence. They are not two completely separate entities, as evolution would have you think. If you view the universe as if it has an overwhelming inventive and intelligent quality, there is a continuum made up of the invention and design of: (1) quarks that are very smartly designed, that have the ability and join up and form protons; (2) electrons that have the ability and design to connect to protons in a unique and incredibly intelligent balanced manner to form hydrogen atoms; (3) hydrogen atoms and their ability to bunch into stars due to gravitational forces that have just the perfect design characteristics so they can do so; (4) those hydrogen atoms that are able to fuse to form helium, which didn’t exist before the very first fusion, and which give off tremendous amounts of energy necessary for the future advent of life; (5) stars that are designed and have the ability to form heavy elements that didn’t exist before and to form planets that didn’t either; (6) hydrogen and oxygen, two light gasses, with their unique design, which gives them the ability to join up and form a heavy liquid, water, the only compound and liquid that exists capable of supporting life; (7) the carbon atom that’s able to construct the framework for life’s biochemicals; (8) life itself and its division into millions of species and bio-systems; (9)  humans, with their consciousness and intelligence. A theory of cosmic invention and intelligence provides a continuum from the first sub-subatomic particles to intelligence and consciousness; from the first quark to humanity. Here is my version:

     Blumé’s Theory of Continuums: Natural entities capable of shaping nature, if they are truly natural and objective, would display a continuum and presence from the birth of the universe through the appearance of modern life. They would not pop in and out of existence at the whim of “nothing” or Dumb Luck.

     I’m sure others have come to the same conclusion, but since this is my book, I will name theory after me, just in case. The notion of evolution fails badly because there is no continuum. There is no constant presence of natural selection or random mutations throughout the entire existence of the universe and nature. Evolution began as an invention derived from another invention—the appearance of life on Earth and its procreation. Evolution’s existence is dependent on that life. Of course, life on Earth is an invention of nature. Life began on a sterile planet where there was no notion whatsoever of what life was. What an incredible and astounding shock to this planet. Why is there life when sterility would have been easier? For that matter, why is there a universe when “nothing” would have been the easiest route?

     The term Intelligent Design just doesn’t do justice to natures wonders. Actually, neither does the term “wonders.” The term Intelligent Design is so droll. The intelligence in the term Intelligent Design would seem like some kind of human intelligence that we humans are completely used to and deal with on an everyday basis. There really aren’t words in the English language that can do justice to even the few entities I have written about so far. Today, man’s attempt at trying to understand the source of living nature on a scientific basis has resulted in a battle between two camps: one being those that support random Dumb Luck and the other, Intelligent Design. Dumb Luck is really what the formation of the universe and life on Earth are credited to by evo-illusionists. Evo-illusionists would argue with me about my use of the term Dumb Luck to describe their stance, but that is reality; that is what they really support. They think the universe and life are nothing but random happenstance, a universe and its life produced by Dumb Luck. When something happens by “sheer dumb luck”, it is considered to have happened completely unintentionally and without planning. That is exactly what evolution describes. Dumb Luck formed the universe and is the basis for evolution, according to evo-illusionists.

     Using the term Intelligent Design makes the debate about Dumb Luck and Intelligent Design kind of seem like children battling between playing tiddlywinks and a game of marbles. The term Intelligent Design completely ignores what I consider to be the greatest and most astounding element involved in the formation of nature: invention. Invention hugely trumps everything else, including design. Debating with an evolutionaut about whether or not an entity of nature was designed or not is superfluous. The real debate should be whether or not an entity of nature was invented; invented from nothing. And inarguably, that is the case. Once, there were no atoms. Once there were no stars. Once, there were no living organisms. Once, there was no vision. Once, there were no cardiopulmonary systems> Once, there were no double sliding double ball and socket joints. Once, there was no bird or insect flight. Then they came into existence—unique, incredible, amazing, astounding inventions, each and every one. The list of inventions is endless. Inventiveness overwhelms every other argument that could be made about the origins of nature, its building blocks, and bio-systems.

     So I am changing the term Intelligent Design to one that more accurately describes what I have been and will be discussing here. In my thinking, this term comes closer to reality: Ingenious Invention and Design: IID. From now on, on this blog, that is what I will call the fact that intelligence and invention are necessary for the designs of the universe and living nature to be what they are: Ingenious Invention and Design (IID). There is a raging battle between Dumb Luck (DL), which includes the formation of the universe and evolution’s random mutations and natural selection and the formation of living organisms on Earth, and Ingenious Invention and Design. IID goes from the start of the universe, through the beginning of mankind, and whatever wonders may come about in the future. It’s a continuum, and it’s the only scientific continuum that makes any sense.

     Those that believe in IID are composed of people who think its source is a religious god and those who are not religious but who think the universe has an incredibly inventive and intelligent quality. Evolution is composed of atheists who think there is no god and religious people who think God used evolutionary processes to create all of living nature. 

     Let’s take a look at a very basic body part, the ball and socket joint, and see how and if it fits in with Dumb Luck Evolution or IID. There are three, and only three, possibilities for how a ball and socket joint came into existence:

 (1) The ball formed first, was created to fit a future but as yet unformed socket.

 (2) The socket formed first, was created to fit a future but as yet unformed ball.

(3) The ball and socket formed at the same exact time, so they could fit each other.

   All three possibilities would require intelligence and inventiveness. A socket couldn’t form to fit a preexisting ball without intelligence and planning. A ball couldn’t form to fit a preexisting socket without intelligence and planning. Both parts certainly couldn’t form at the same time without intelligence. The ball and socket joint is an invention. All inventions that are brought into existence from absolutely nothing require intelligence and inventiveness. Random evolution, AKA Dumb Luck, has absolutely zero chance of building a ball and socket joint when none previously existed no matter which of the three possibilities above were utilized. For certain the ball and socket joint came into existence with one of the three possibilities above. The only way any of the three possibilities could have taken place is by Ingenious Invention and Design (IID). No matter how you cut it, Dumb Luck evolution could not invent anything, and it certainly couldn’t form and assemble the ball and socket joint by any of the three possibilities.   

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