12. What Should be Taught in Schools

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The other day I was kind of thinking on a math and philosophy bent when I was considering the two major notions of how all of modern nature formed. I came to a few conclusions. First of all, evo-illusionists say all of modern nature including all species and bio-systems were brought into existence by random mutations and natural selection very slowly.  Random mutations and natural selection are entities that are completely devoid of intelligence.  Looking at the configurations of nature, one can only conclude that they show design.  For example when studying anatomy, one is studying the design of the human body.  Design is undeniable.  Design requires intelligence. But, according to evo-illusionists, there is no intelligence in evolution ’s progenitor for all of modern nature.  So here we have an unsolved conundrum.  Evolution’s designs of nature require intelligence for their design.  However, evolution’s progenitor of all of modern nature, random mutations and natural selection, is devoid of intelligence.

Intelligent Design says all of modern nature including all species and bio-systems were brought into existence by an intelligent entity.    The designs produced by that intelligence are undeniable.  So here again, we have an unsolved conundrum.  The designs of nature require intelligence for their design.  However, the progenitor of all of those intelligent modern natural entities cannot be objectively and scientifically found to exist.   We cannot locate an intelligent source with our space satellites, imaging machines, night vision goggles…..

The speed of the formation is not significant in this formula.  Either way, the end results are exactly equal.  Both schools of thought have unsolvable flaws which haunt both of them.  Evolution’s unsolvable flaw is the absolute fact that entities completely devoid of intelligence cannot invent and construct designed entities. Virtually every person on Earth knows that as fact. Intelligent Design’s unsolvable flaw is the absolute fact that the progenitor cannot be scientifically located or be “existence proven”. I do know emotions and beliefs will get in the way of these unsolvable flaws, but both are easily supported by every experience mankind has ever had.  Evolutionauts will try to get around their unsolvable problem by pretending they can’t see any design at all in nature; or that the design is so terrible that it actually isn’t design.  Either way, they lose. Either stance is absurd and quickly puts them in quicksand.  Even a simple tube requires design. It is not possible to design a functional tube badly. They either work as tubes, or they don’t. The human body and the bodies of all multicellular species are filled with tubes.  The religious will say they “feel” God, their intelligent source, and that they talk to God, and that they have a book…….  But of course I am discussing scientific discovery and observation so this tack won’t work in this venue.

The starting point for both schools of thought is the same and exactly equal: a sterile Earth.  The finish line for both schools of thought is the same and exactly equal:  a modern Earth teeming with life, complex bio-systems, and conscious intelligent mankind.   So here is a little philosophical math.

Euclid was an ingenious Greek mathematician who lived around 300 years BC.  One of the oldest surviving fragments of Euclid’s Elements is at left.   Euclid wrote this axiom: “Things which are equal the same thing also equal one another.”

So here is how a Euclidean formula describing this information would look:

Evolution+major flaw= Earth teeming with life+complex bio-systems+conscious intelligent humans

Intelligent progenitor +major flaw= Earth teeming with life+complex bio-systems+conscious intelligent humans

Substituting using Euclid’s axiom:

Evolution+major flaw= Intelligent progenitor +major flaw

Evolution=Intelligent progenitor

Folks, were in a dead heat. Both of these schools of thought are exactly equal when looking at them on a purely scientific basis.  That equality should be considered when deciding what to teach our students in school.

Actually, this is how I see the battle between ID and evolution: we are toddlers in the scheme of the universe. If we could imagine (here is my “suppose”) ourselves as two-year-olds who are trying to figure out the engineering and assembly of a 747. One group of toddlers thinks some great mysterious being suddenly made them. The other group thinks they simply evolved into existence but doesn’t know how the raw materials got here. A huge battle rages. In actuality, neither group or individual two-year-olds has anywhere near the brainpower to figure out how 747′s were created. So what they have is a tempest in a toddler teapot. They could never figure it out, due to a severe lack of brainpower. We as adults have the same problem. In actuality, toddlers may be much more able to figure out the 747 than we are at understanding how species originated.

Reality is that science classes are no place for religious, philosophical, or belief systems. That is why teachings from religious books should be left to parents, religion and philosophy classes, and churches. The same is true of Darwinian evolution, which is no more than a belief system. It is not objective science, and it should not be taught as such. The fossil record, current accepted biological timelines, the scientific origins of the earth, solar system, and universe (Big Bang), the fact that species are truly related genetically and biologically are provable objective science with good back up evidence. Biological timelines should say when species “appeared” not that they “evolved” or were “created”. Figments of people’s imaginations, cartoon drawings showing speciation, and fake evidence should be expunged from science texts. Biological sciences need to become objective and purely scientific, which would, of course, be a giant leap. Real science should teach: “We cannot at this time discern why the Big Bang occurred, why it occurred when it did, how life began on earth, or how species happened to appear. But here is the evidence that we have so far:”
If biologists give up Darwin, the great concern is that Adam and Eve and a 6,000-year-old earth will creep into science classrooms. Creationism and religious teachings should be absolutely banned from school teaching. Evolutionists are too focused on fighting Adam and Eve, and Darwin is their only weapon. They are desperate to keep Darwin going because if they lost evolution, they would have nothing to battle Biblical creation.

Evidence for intelligence in nature is overwhelming. Even the most radical evolutionist would have to admit that. Eyes, hearts, and lungs cannot be copied by the greatest engineering minds in the world. However, the source of this intelligence cannot be found scientifically, so ID should also not be taught in science classrooms. Both Darwin and ID would be good subjects for philosophy classes. The advantage of doing this would be not only to give students a real objective look at our origins but also open the door to real scientific research that would give science a new look at other possibilities for the origin of species. It would also eliminate any more ridiculous court battles between evolutionists and creationist-ID’ers that are so costly, and provoke so much hatred.  The amount of money spent on court cases and the infighting between Evolution and Creationism could certainly be put to better use.

There are certain things that we humans know to be facts; undeniable facts.  So if evolutionauts want to force their thinking and theories into school science classrooms, these facts should be criteria and taken into consideration. Here is a partial list:

1.   The earth appears to be about 4.5 billion years old. The universe appears to be 13.5 billion years old.

2.   Over one billion species have inhabited the earth since the beginning of life,3.7 billion years ago.

3.   Of the 117 atoms represented on the periodic table, the design of the carbon atom, no matter what the source, is uniquely amenable to the formation of life.

4.   Different species have “appeared” suddenly at different times in the fossil record, and over 97% have become extinct.

5.   Fossils within species or groups of species demonstrate very little change over tens to hundreds of millions of years.

6.   Many species or groups of species that first appeared hundreds of millions of years ago in the fossil record are still thriving today with little change.  Sharks, coelacanth, crocodiles, centipedes,…………

7.  No person who has ever lived on the planet earth has observed or experienced the invention, design, and assembly of any utilitarian device of any kind, be it living or man-made, without the absolute need for intelligence.

8.  No person who has ever lived on the face of the earth has ever observed natural selection et al in the process of inventing, designing, and assembling any bio-system or organ of any kind.

9.   Random mutations have never been observed forming new healthy specific tissue types and placing that tissue in just the right location, shape, and amount for utility in any organism.

10.   No intelligence whatsoever can be credited to natural selection and/or random mutations.

11.   No fossils have ever been found that demonstrate the evolution of wings and development of flight, or any biological system.

12.   All bio-electromechanical devices and systems can be considered inventions far more than any human device ever invented.       Nature’s inventions were formed from a complete lack of the prior art used by virtually all inventors, zero intelligence, and no prior existence that could be copied.  They were formed on an immense sterile ball (earth) covered with dirt, rock, chemicals, and water, and completely devoid of any utilitarian devices whatsoever.  The inventions of ball and socket joints, vision, pumps (hearts), auditory systems, sonar, cells, consciousness, intelligence, …..are the truest of inventions.  Far more than any invention ever made by any human.

13.  No person on the planet earth has the power to declare that any organ or bio-system is not an invention.

Here is another problem for evolutionauts.  When they say there is no design involved with the entities, species, and bio-systems of nature, they run into the problem of entities that existed before life existed. Do they show design?  Just like living nature, they could not. Because if there were a design in the entities that made up living organisms, and entities that were necessary to support new life, then there IS DESIGN for which there must be some source. Evolution must not only say there is no design in living nature, they must also then say there is no design in the entities that existed before life began.  So here is a partial list of entities that must not have any design, but must have been configured by Dumb Luck which made a Piggley Wiggley Mess (as one evolutionaut told me what he sees when he looks at nature’s entities).  If an evolutionaut admitted to seeing design in ANY entity in nature, the whole theory goes up in smoke.  If one entity was designed, they all were. So, evoloutionauts will have to do some heavy duty pretending to support their belief.  And that can get exhausting, constantly saying they can’t see what they do see. Do any one or all of these entities show design?:

1. configuration of the carbon atom
2. the atoms of two thin gasses (at STP) combining 2:1 and forming a heavy liquid compound absolutely necessary for life
3. solar system
4. fusion of H to He
5. strong force stronger than electromagnetic force by 100x
6. configuration of all atoms
7. mathematics required to understand quantum mechanics
8. E=MC2
9. light/electromagnetic waves
10. gravity being one trillion trillion trillionth as strong as the strong force

A note for real science: Make a theory taking these absolutes and pre-life entities into account.  When you can make that theory that fits these, then teach it in schools.  Until you do, leave our school children alone. Tell them the truth.  “We don’t yet know”.

BTW: Intelligence and design are already taught in science classes. Where is Intelligence in natures designs taught? In every science class.  So those of you who are supporters of ID should not feel like you are getting the short end of the stick.   If you evolutionauts who want any hint of intelligent design removed from the classrooms,  you are too late. When we study the human body in anatomy, we ARE studying its DESIGN.  And the human body is certainly intelligently DESIGNED.  It’s unimaginable that one could look at Gray’s Anatomy book and not see how all of those pipes, tubes, pumps, ball and socket joints, digital cameras, audio systems, et al, are not incredible DESIGN.   When we study genetics, we are studying the DESIGN of genes, chromosomes, DNA, RNA, and the entire DESIGN and function of the genetic bio-system.  When we study histology, we are studying the cells that make us up, and their DESIGN, which is intelligent beyond belief. Botany is a study of the DESIGNS of the plant kingdom.  Biochemistry is the DESIGN of our biochemical systems, such as clotting mechanisms, the Kreb’s cycle which ingeniously results in the energy that drives our cells.  Physiology is the study of the working and designs of our bio-systems: how our vision functions, how our hearts operate, our hearing…….  Nothing has to be overtly stated about intelligence in the design of all entities of nature. Their study is ALWAYS a study of DESIGN; real design, not the figment of someone’s imagination who wants to call it APPARENT DESIGN.  The intelligence in nature’s designs is obvious and beyond anything we can imagine.  Of course, we don’t scientifically know the source of that intelligence so that source has no place in the science classroom.  The designs speak for themselves.  No teachers should tell their students the idiotic notion that these designs they are studying are not designs; or that they were designed by some entity.  The conclusion is obvious.  Students DO study the designs, and there is no need to lie about the source of those designs.  No scientist has that answer.

It is unlikely that Darwinian evolution will ever be removed from the classroom. So, to be purely scientific, the evidence that Darwin may not have been correct, and there is plenty of that, should be taught. If evolutionauts are purely scientific, they should have no qualms about a textbook chapter showing scientific evidence against Darwin. Dream on. Since both major schools of thought are equals in their scientific veracity, and both are certainly powerful and important as far as their effect on mankind goes, both should be taught in philosophy and history classes.  If the day ever comes that mankind has found an undeniable answer this Puzzle, then teach THAT in science classes.


  1. Michael Webber said,

    Dr. Lyndon

    I appreciate your take on this subject. You are fair minded, open minded and objective. Having spent much of my life as an evolutionary creationist I was struck that there are other views out there on the subject.

    I admit I’m not like you, I do have a specific religious belief as a Christian, and I do carry some dogma with that. However, Genesis has never bothered me, it’s by and large a metaphorical book not a science text. You know in “the beginning” God created “the heavens and earth” God works for a living and takes a break and so should we. Those are spiritual lessons not science lessons.

    And you are correct. If atheism isn’t a religion that is moot, it behaves like a religion and not a very good one in my opinion. Certainly not going to give up their monopoly in the class room. But we don’t need to replace their bias with mine.

    Some real objective science free from our biases is needed today. And there just is too little of that going on. It’s hard for everyone I think. You kind of sit in a unique position but we are not far apart on this. I don’t read Genesis like most creationists do.

    Best, Mike

  2. stevebee92653 said,

    Thanks for a refreshing, intelligent, comment. Unfortunately you are rare, but such a fun read. I am so used to being demeaned by those supposed scientists that feel affronted by anyone who doesn’t accept their dogma. For me, the more I study the subject, the more fascinated I am with it, and the farther away I feel that I am from an answer to the Puzzle. Which makes it more fascinating. Anyway, stay cool….

  3. Michael Webber said,

    Dr. Lyndon, Thanks!

    And thanks for a great site I really appreciate it. In my favorites, staying tuned!


  4. Alejandro said,

    I believe that mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics can be taught without talking about the origins of life. Science is science, beliefs are beliefs.

  5. stevebee92653 said,

    I will drink to that.

  6. Mark Smith said,

    You’re completly full of yourself.
    If you were working on a puzzle of a lighthouse, and had 70% of the pieces in place, a child could tell you it was a lighthouse.
    This is the case with Evolution, the last 30% of the pieces are hard, because they are all sky.
    Does the whole science community think you’re a wack-job?
    Is that how you became discredited, and started this bullship, or were you never an expert in the first place?

    • stevebee92653 said,

      Thanks for adding to my huge list of completely stupid evo-comments! 99% of you pseudo-scientists and believers have absolutely nothing of interest to say! Funny for such a “respected” science, don’t you think?

    • Charlie said,

      I would say adamantly that you indeed have about 40% of the puzzle pieces- but that they are mostly sky. The other 60% that you say is a lighthouse could in fact be simply an outhouse. Nice analogy. Poor representation of the actual value of what the ToE has to offer.

  7. diuryl said,

    – i’m a creationist(not a YEC), i do accept ID, and i certainly agree with you that creationism should not be taught in science classes, that’s for home or church.

    – and i 100% agree with you that darwinism and ID should be taught in philosophy classes so that kids can get broad view of all the ideas out there and they can choose for themselves.

    – “We cannot at this time discern why the Big Bang occurred, why it occurred when it did, how life began on earth, or how species happened to appear. But here is the evidence that we have so far:”
    i love this. it would be fair to both sides, and with the philosophy classes(darwinaism and ID) would let kids choose for themselves

    • stevebee92653 said,

      Thanks for the great comment. You show a great deal of open mindedness. What evolutionauts think they have, but are devoid of. I think when we hit a certain point, we have to turn to philosophy and our beliefs, because we are all stuck trying to explain how all of this got here. Funny that evos know for certain.

  8. Radhacharan Das said,

    lol steve you wrote, “This is how I see the battle between ID and Creationism” instead of evo.

    • stevebee92653 said,

      Amazing that I didn’t catch it after many read/checks. haha Thanks!

  9. Kent Perry, AZ. said,

    This has got to be one the most intelligently written, fair minded and objective articles I have read on such a combustible issue. The idea that science has become so anti religion permeates every science dept today and the antithesis of religion shouldn’t be science. It has become everything the atheist has always hated about religion. Dogma, Terminally self righteous zealots shaming and ridiculing anyone and everyone who doesn’t agree with them. Anything you see in the mirror is the opposite or mirror reflection. Albeit they are different they look exactly the same.

    But when it comes to the science of evolution, even if you could get them to agree to look in the mirror,

    if they don’t like the reflection they see,,

    they’ll just blame the mirror

    • stevebee92653 said,

      You are right on. Try thelivingdead for a great example.

  10. Dwilkes7 said,

    Steve, I am having a great time reading your Blog. I loved your video of the teeth. I have been a Dental tech. for 40 years and have lectured about a good many subjects, including detailed anatomical analysis for proper function. Knowing that EVERY peak and valley are unique to each persons mouth helps in determining what the restoration should look like and function. Why did you stop there? You could have shown what the periodontal membrane does and how it also came along with both arches, Upper and Lower. What an awesome feat of communication between the two. And further, how the act of swallowing create a neutral zone, in essence using the opposing arch and cheek and tongue to create it.

    Keep up the great work! I also agree that we should show our children in school are the FACTS and keep Speculation OUT!

    • stevebee92653 said,

      Wow. So nice to hear a good note. Doing the blog/vids kind of feels like having a machine gun pointed at me by evos. Which is fine. I am used to taking on about twenty at once. Which is unfair……for them.
      Dental tech? That’s a great job. I always really appreciated you guys. Funny how long I held those magnificent astounding remarkable little sculptures in my hand and never really appreciated what went into making them. Even after studying the subject in dental-embryo. I didn’t appreciate it as much until I started really thinking about the formation of nature, and got rid of evo. Evolution makes you under-appreciate so many beyond incredible systems of nature. You have to to be a believer, and I was. Astounding how I wasn’t astounded at how those teeth we held in our hands for so long were formed by millions of ameloblasts and odontoblasts that know JUST WHEN to start and stop their knitting. How the HELL do they have all of that information? Each tiny cell? Gawd. Simply unfathomable.
      Anyway, again, thanks for the good note!

  11. zanthopsis said,


    It’s abundantly clear that your religious upbringing influenced you a lot more than you’re willing to believe and admit. You’re as zealous a god zombie as any other god zombie, and your arrogance is typical of zealous god zombies. You spew tons of non-evidential, ignorant bullshit and claim that it’s fact. You’re a preacher of sermons, and have no clue about evolution, the ToE, the fossil record, and science in general.

    When are you religious IDiots going to realize that science doesn’t operate and never will operate according to your delusional beliefs? You’re stuck with ranting and raving on obscure websites because very few people have any interest in what you think and say.

    Everything you IDiots do and say is negative. You don’t contribute in any positive way to scientific discoveries, studies, or explanations. If you had anything worthwhile to contribute you’d be pursuing publication of your research and explanations in legitimate scientific journals.

    You’re as brain dead as the IDiots at uncommon descent and ENV.

    • stevebee92653 said,

      I’m an DIiot? You are a EVO-clone with nothing to say, so you choose to attack me personally. Don’t you have even a notion that this is the only strategy you can use, as you cannot answer ANY of my challenges? Don’t you get bored being just like every other evo-clone? (evo-clown? That actually fits better.) Because you are a bore. Someday I will run into an intelligent evolutionaut that can actually discuss evolution’s challenges. You cannot.

  12. zanthopsis said,


    The thing is, you’re not discussing “evolution’s” challenges, and you’re also not discussing the actual challenges (or accomplishments) of evolutionary biology, paleontology, research into abiogenesis, or any other scientific endeavor being undertaken by scientists. You’re just erecting strawmen, attacking and distorting scientific explanations, ignoring or misinterpreting evidence, making unsupported assertions, and expecting perfect, absolute proof of things that conflict with your beliefs.

    • stevebee92653 said,

      Re: “The thing is, you’re not discussing “evolution’s” challenges, and you’re also not discussing the actual challenges (or accomplishments) of evolutionary biology, paleontology, research into abiogenesis, or any other scientific endeavor being undertaken by scientists.”
      I have no belief other than evolution is the biggest scientific hoax in history. What fun: Abiogenesis research, total success: ZERO. NADA. NOTHING. You have been lied to and fooled.
      Paleontology: Disproves your religion. Little intra-species change over millions/hundreds of millions of years, no source for biological systems.

      Regarding your question on light: the Earth right now is pitch dark dark dark. Light doesn’t exist anywhere on the Earth. There is zero chance you can figure out why. ZERO. You’re an indoctrinate. You are a know-it-all. You know everything. Which makes this one fun.

  13. zanthopsis said,

    stevebee said:

    “…the Earth right now is pitch dark dark dark. Light doesn’t exist anywhere on the Earth…”

    You’ve got to be joking.

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