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August 11, 2009 at 5:39 am (abiogenesis, anti-darwin, anti-evolution, Darwin, evolution, intelligent design, irreducible complexity, natural selection)

Steve & Film Processor LyndonGalileo Galilei
“In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.”

A brief “about me”: In undergraduate studies in collge I majored in biological sciences. I attended dental school, and graduated in 1967. For most of the time since, I was an avid fan of Charles Darwin and evolution. Obviously, not now.  I make YouTube videos, many of which are on this site, under the pseudonym stevebee92653, on the subject of evolution. I spent over thirteen years engineering products for the dental profession. Most of that time I was also working as a full time dentist, so for quite a long time I was working over 100 hours a week. I am now retired. I own four current patents, and have several patent applications on other products. I am an avid tennis player and golfer, and as you can tell from this blog, I enjoy writing.  Particularly about this fascinating subject: that of our origins. I write under Stephen B. Lyndon DDS. I am not a ” Biblical, or “young earth” Creationist” in any way. I am married with two children and two grand-children. I thoroughly enjoy objective science, particularly astronomy and sciences dealing with the origin of species.

 As I said, ever since college, I had been an enthusiastic supporter of Charles Darwin’s version of how nature formed. A visit to the Field Museum in Chicago a few years ago, and my naturally skeptical brain, changed all of that. It brought up a lot of questions in my mind about evolution sciences. I began pondering if it could really be true. The more I thought about what I saw, the more questions arose. The purpose of this blog is not to propose any answer as to how we (earthly species) appeared. The main purpose is to question and challenge the veracity of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Why? Because, if a highly accepted science is incorrect, true objective science cannot advance until the incorrect science is eliminated as a possibility. I would really love to see science find some sort of acceptable answer to the Puzzle, and with evolution blocking the road, it cannot. What I have found with my study is that the “science” of evolution is devoted to proving Darwin was right.  It is not in any way an objective science looking for answers. Information and testing is bent to prove the theory.  The theory cannot be modified, even though  supporters say it is.  There is simply no where to go from random mutations and natural selection.

Evolution’s bedrock is “natural selection”: the biggest euphemism in science, where there should be no euphemisms. The term is far easier to swallow than the reality. Natural selection is the process whereby one organism is able to kill and consume another organism due to some mutational advantage the predator has over the prey. The advantages are formed by no-occurring good mutations. Non-occurring because mutations forming healthy useful tissues have never been demonstrated. Remember, evolution happens in incredibly tiny steps; steps so tiny, they are invisible. A secondary process is sexual selection, the choosing of a mate for the purpose of procreating. Environmental survival is also in the mix. But, by far the most pervasive foundation for evolution is the killing and consuming of one type of organism with no super minuscule advantage by another with a super minuscule advantage, and the repeat of this process over eons.  Are these processes capable of inventing, assembling, and improving complex bio-electromechanical devices? Evolutionauts will argue to the death that they are, without the slightest bit of evidence to show they are. Natural selection should be changed to “selectively killing, consuming, and sexual choosing”, (SKCSC) so those who are taught this fake science will at least know what it is really about. “Natural selection” sounds so mystical. It is treated almost as if it is itself some sort of god form; a creator. It isn’t.

Evolution needs to show that the foundation of evolution isn’t a fantasy: that mutations can, do, did, and will form healthy, histologically correct, necessary, utilitarian tissue, and can, did, do, and will place that tissue in just the right location, in just the correct shape, in just the correct amount, and that tissue will be “selected for”by being advantageous to the individual so it can continue on, and so that the individual won’t be consumed by another species that doesn’t have that tissue. And because of that tissue mutation, that species will be able to consume other species that don’t have that tissue.  And these events have to be performed over and over again, trillions of times, perfectly, for nature to be the way it is. The size, strength, and speed of the species that has evolved the new tissue must also be erased as a factor.  The tissue alone must trump all other features.  Further, Evolution is all about the natural gaining of genetic information.   Evolution has never been able to display this scenario, but evolutionauts carry on and pretend like they can.

Nowhere in the natural world do we see any species gaining genetic information that was not possessed by its ancestors. (sources: Wallace Johnson on Evolution & Gerard Keane)  Evolution needs to show that this occurs. Many evolutionauts say this hasn’t been proven or found YET.  But that means evolution should not be considered a science YET until this found and proven.

A major foundation of evolution is “peer reviewed” papers. These papers usually entail articles written by evolution biologists on subjects that no one who ever lived or lives on the face of the earth has the answer to. Such as the evolution of teeth. How were teeth “invented”? How did things go from “no teeth” to “teeth”? Why did that happen at all? And how did mutations form the complex dental designs we have today as humans? How do the cells that form teeth (ameloblasts and odontoblasts, et al) “know” just where they should be so they could do their job? How did they know just exactly when to start and stop their knitting of enamel and dentin so the teeth could form just the correct anatomy? How did the upper teeth evolve to exactly match the lower teeth like perfect puzzle pieces, specially when different gene pathways formed upper teeth and lower teeth?  This is an elephant, not a monkey, on the back of evolution that cannot be ignored or removed. And, of course, it isn’t ignored by bio-evolution’s writers. One writer, of course, there had to be a first, wrote a paper on how he thought teeth evolved. “Teeth came from fish, who had simpler dentition. Then they evolved into more complex…….” Of course the stories are made up, then “peer reviewed” by other evo-biologists. More papers are written. Species are cited. “These early fish……”  Paper piles on top of paper, it is told and retold so many times, the story becomes truth.   A whole mountain of papers are built, one on top of the other. On Google, there are over 1300 references to “peer reviewed papers describing the evolution of the dentition. And, now these are cited as evidence. Papers written about the evidence actually become the evidence.  So, if anyone asks, how did teeth evolve, they are referred to the piles of “peer reviewed” papers on the subject. And this house of cards is the “evidence”.  And if you speak up, you are challenging “science” and thousands of “peer reviewed” papers.

So, these major foundations of evolution are not foundations at all. The invisible mutations and the house of cards that is the “peer reviewed” papers make evolution a house ready to collapse. It may never, but it is teetering. The reason it doesn’t collapse is the strong beliefs of the bio-scientists and rabid evolutionauts that support it. THAT is the foundation for this “science”. If you read this blog with an objective eye, you won’t be able to help but find that evolution is not the answer, unless you have been successfully programmed. But most of all, for me, it’s rather fun to debunk a science that is so self aggrandizing, highly promoted, and pushed into the science classrooms of unwary school kids by legal groups such as teacher’s unions and the ACLU. And, what I really enjoy the most about writing this blog is that I have found such fascination in a science, biology, that I studied as a chore when I was in school. I didn’t appreciate at all what was right in front of me. Now I love every minute of digging through books carbon atomand websites and rediscovering what I took for granted years ago. If you are one of those who are absolutely certain there is no intelligent design in nature, take a look at the picture at left. It is a carbon atom, the building block for all of life on earth. Can you actually look at this picture and say you see no design?  Does this atom display “apparent design” as evolutionauts call design? Or is it real actual incredible amazing invention and design. Me, I will take the second choice. Invention and design are so obvious. If you told me you see none, I could not believe you. And if the building blocks of life show such design, then life and nature are designed as well.

Humans, and all animal species, are incredibly engineered machines; thousands of times more complex and better engineered than any man made device on the planet. Not only do our electromechanical devices show design, but they are inventions, as there was absolutely no “prior art” models for nature to go by.  We have servo-motors (muscles) that pull on rods (ligaments) that in turn move ball and socket joints (hip, mandible). We have an incredibly complex and efficient pump (heart), a pair of digital cameras that produce three dimensional images (eyes), miniature sound speakers (ears); and on and on. The greatest engineering group cannot come close to synthesizing the simplest of our organs. The one thing that makes us different from an incredibly engineered robot is LIFE; that we are alive. Life separates us from robots. And, life is the one thing that separates evolutionists from being able to see intelligence in the universe. NOT religion, but intelligence; there is a big difference here. If we were functioning and not “alive”, and were constructed of plastic and metal, and an “evolutionist” could observe us, he would have to admit that we are the result of an intelligence beyond imagination. The amazing thing is that evolutionists have absolutely no idea how life formed. They are completely unable to duplicate life in the laboratory. Yet they are absolutely certain that there was no intelligence that brought about life and the origin of species. (See pg. 33 for a vid on this subject)

This is how I see the battle between creationists, and evolutionists: we are toddlers in the scheme of the universe. Imagine us as two year olds who are trying to figure out the engineering and assembly of a 747. One group of toddlers thinks some great mysterious being suddenly and magically made them. The other group thinks 747’s simply evolved into existence, but doesn’t know how the raw materials got here. They argue that some sort of mysterious selection process was responsible for putting the parts together. A huge battle rages. Toys fly. In actuality, neither group or individual toddler has anywhere near the ability to figure out how 747’s were created. So what they have is a tempest in a toddler teapot. Toddlers simply lack the required cognitive skills. We as adults have the same problem trying to figure out the Puzzle. In actuality, toddlers may be much more able to figure out the 747 than we adult humans are at understanding how life, nature, and, species originated.

The idea that random mutations and natural selection were the sole formative forces for the assembly of all of nature is an embarrassment to nature. Modern biological sciences have traveled light years beyond that simplistic idea. It is amazing how once an idea sticks, it remains stuck. And evolution is stuck.  Evolution needs to show that the foundation of evolution isn’t a fantasy: that mutations form healthy, histologically correct, necessary, utilitarian tissue, and can place that tissue in just the right location, in just the correct shape, in just the correct amount, and that tissue will be selected by being advantageous to the individual so it can continue on, and so that the individual won’t be consumed by another species that doesn’t have that tissue. The way things look, there are absolutely no positive mutations that can be cited. Evolution cites bacteria that can eat nylon, moths that change from white to black, and a few other dubious examples. As it stands, 100% of mutations, or near that figure form either neutral or horribly disfiguring errors. Disfiguring mutations are large and obvious, unlike any “good” ones cited by ev-illusionists.  Natural selection is a force that removes those mutations out of a population, and in that way , keeps the population strong. Those mutations are prevented from being carried on to the next generation by natural selection. But the idea that selected mutations can form and cause the design of incredibly complex electromechanical organs and bio-devices is no more than wishful fantasy.

The age of the universe holds a very interesting conundrum for the formation of nature in general, and human beings specifically, as humans are the only conscious observers on earth, and the only species capable of recording and contemplating what we observe. I made a video on just this subject if you are interested:

Just a Note for Evolution Fans that May Read this Blog: The earth and solar system, by all good scientific evidence, appear to be 4.5 billion years old. Accurate biological time-lines given by biologists could and should be very accurate.  Unfortunately, many are not.  Species are placed on clade charts in completely incorrect chronological order so that it will look like evolution produced a gradual morphing of one species into the next. The dates of the appearance of the species is rarely included.  Evidence of this is in my “Evolution of Birds and Flight: It’s Impossible (part 1)” video, on this site and at YouTube. There seems to have been some minor evolution that has taken (takes) place. I have absolutely no idea how species came into existence, and I don’t promote any solution to that great and fascinating Puzzle. This blog is only interested in scientific and objective discourse. Origins of species is an incredible subject, but it is also a useless science. No cures for disease or mechanical marvels will be produced by it. In reality, few people spend much time thinking about it. I am one of the few who do. I find it immensely fascinating, thought provoking, and fun. I am bothered that evolution is taught in schools as if it is a lock, that pseudo-intellectual evolutionists treat those that are not believers condescendingly, that if a person is a non-believer in the TOE most evolutionists think that person must believe in Adam and Eve, and that evidence is bent to make TOE look like real science. That is why I am writing this log. I am starting with this note so that any evolutionauts that may read this blog will know where I am coming from, and if they comment, hopefully will keep this in mind.

Please don’t waste your time trying to box me in as a Biblical creationist. I am not. It is quite obvious that if the Genesis record of creation were true, all species would appear at the same geologic level. A seven day Creation would be very apparent in all fossil digs. But that is not even close to the case. My experience with religion has been pretty much summed by this quote from an unknown source: “If you talk to God, you are praying. If God talks to you, you are a schizophrenic.” I am not an atheist or agnostic. I believe in an incredibly intelligent Source or Creator, but my beliefs go no further. I have no idea who, where, or what that source really is. And, that is my BELIEF, it is philosophical, and so it is not posed as an arguable or scientific position. I am fascinated with the science of evolution. From my experience debating evolution, I have come to the conclusion that evolution’s improbabilities and impossibilities are so believed, and promoted with such vigor, that is almost impossible to have a rational discourse with those that support it.  It is also obvious that the true underpinning of evolution is atheism. When evolution is being argued, the true argument is a religious one. Atheism is a religious belief just as surely as Christianity, Judaism, or Islam are religious beliefs. Atheism is completely dependent on evolution for its existence. Without evolution, atheism has no possible explanation for how we and all of nature got here, and it cannot exist as a viable worldview.

If evolution can come up with real instead of imaginary evidence, I will be the first to step up and be a full supporter like I was a few years ago. As it is, most evolution evidence is greatly exacerbated by imagination. A great deal of evidence that is touted by ev-illusionists has nothing to do with evolution. Most evidence simply backs up the fact that there is a great biological and natural design connection between all living things. Evidence given by evolutionists should be carefully evaluated by objective peers to determine whether that evidence really backs up what is being promoted. Of course the trick is to find objective observers. In this science, I really don’t think I have found one.  What I do think is that nature is unbelievably intelligent. There is no scientific evidence for the source of that intelligence. One thing I know for sure: I am intelligent enough to know that there is not now nor has there ever been a living person on the planet earth, including myself and Charles Darwin, smart enough to figure out the Puzzle.

I believe that evolution can account for less than 5%  of the status of nature today, while it is credited with 100%.  Actually, evolution has huge flaws, huge gaps, and huge evidence in favor, which makes for an impossible rift among the interested like you and me, if you are reading this site.  And the 85% is my OPINION, and what I deduce from what I see as evidence, nothing else.  Evolution science is kind of like the state of astronomy.  90% of the universe is dark matter, and we have no idea what it is, so we make explanations.  But we know it’s there, just like we know eyes and hearts are here, but how the heck did they get that way? I guarantee you it wasn’t from selected mutations.  On the really great side, we are sooo lucky to live at a time when we know so much, and have the ability to search, debate, and communicate.  Imagine describing a black hole to someone in the 1850’s.  It would be hilarious.

Rules and Suggestions for Comments on this Site:

Rule #1: Please keep your comments within the scope of this blog. If you are an evolutionaut, please do not waste your time and mine trying to attack me personally.  My name, background, family, parents, children, et al, have nothing to do with my argument that Darwinian evolution is not a valid theory, and it doesn’t explain the incredibly complex inventions designed and formed by nature. If you want to attack my education, you can do it in the blog. If I do not have the education that I claim, it will come out there. Find mistakes in my thinking. Show me where I am wrong. If you are an evolutionaut, and you cannot validly challenge my thinking, be honest and admit that you lost. If you do find mistakes or errors in my thinking, I will make changes in my writing.  That you can then use as a victory trophy. No one has come close to getting that trophy yet.

Rule #2: I don’t want to debate about Biblical Creationism, a young earth, if there is a God, invisible guys in the sky, any religious beliefs, or angels or fairies. Please stick to objective science.

If you do challenge my writing, please place your comment below the page you are challenging, and note the paragraph you are referring to.  I am purely interested in science. So please leave those off of your comment list. Also, I promote independent thinking. I have seen and read most pro-evolution sites, and many anti-evolution sites, and I pretty much know what they say. So, please do your own thinking and challenging, and refrain from forwarding links. Don’t waste your time giving me broad generalizations in hopes that you can show me how evolution “really” works. I know the theory. Your best challenge for me is to specifically pick any of my points and, using your intellect and education,  let me know where you think I am wrong. I have been called every name imaginable, so you may dispense with that. For some reason , evolutionists think this ploy is a good way to debate. And, if you read my debates section and comments, you will see that virtually every debater, and negative commenter has used that ploy. It’s getting to the point that I think evolutionauts demean like dogs bark. Neither one can be stopped. It only makes you look bad, and is deleterious to your debate position.

If you have a couple of minutes, here is a video I constructed featuring the top 21 shibboleths that I have received.  Please try to stay away from these, and be original.  Thanks!


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So if you want to waste your time repeating these or similar phrases you will look foolish and you would give me reason to edit you off the site.

And Lastly…………………….

The pages of this blog are placed in chronological order, and are composed of my thoughts and experiences with ev-illusionists as they come, so no need to read in any particular order.

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