49. The Fate of Humanity


So we humans have successfully migrated to all corners of the Earth. The next big question is how long can we live on this planet? Are we humans evolving to be better and better as the years, and millennia go by? Will our descendants all be intelligent beyond our wildest imaginations due to evolutionary improvements? Will they be more skilled in every field of endeavor? If you go by what the biological sciences and evolution have to say about mutations and genetic errors, the fate of humanity can be predicted; and it doesn’t look good.  In fact, it looks nightmarish. To give you an idea why that’s the case, I would like to cite a paper written by Leslie A. Pray, Ph.D. titled DNA Replication and Causes of Mutation, which explains the foundation of evolution. If Dr. Pray is correct, the future of humanity is bleak. My feeling is that when Dr. Pray wrote this, she naively wasn’t considering the ramifications of evolution, and the sciences that go along with it, on humanity, which I have found to be the case with virtually every evolution writer. Dr. Pray states:

While most DNA replicates with fairly high fidelity, mistakes do happen, with polymerase enzymes sometimes inserting the wrong nucleotide or too many or too few nucleotides into a sequence. Fortunately, most of these mistakes are fixed through various DNA repair processes. Repair enzymes recognize structural imperfections between improperly paired nucleotides, cutting out the wrong ones and putting the right ones in their place. But some replication errors make it past these mechanisms, thus becoming permanent mutations. These altered nucleotide sequences can then be passed down from one cellular generation to the next, and if they occur in cells that give rise to gametes, they can even be transmitted to subsequent organismal generations. Moreover, when the genes for the DNA repair enzymes themselves become mutated, mistakes begin accumulating at a much higher rate. In eukaryotes, such mutations can lead to cancer… If DNA repair were perfect and no mutations ever accumulated, there would be no genetic variation—and this variation serves as the raw material for evolution. Successful organisms have thus evolved the means to repair their DNA efficiently but not too efficiently, leaving just enough genetic variability for evolution to continue.

So, according to the illusion of evolution, if mutations sneak through the biochemical correcting processes, and if they are deleterious, natural selection eliminates them. The animals with the deleterious mutations are killed off due to predator/prey relationships, changes in climate, environmental disasters, or competition for food or mates. The mutations that survived DNA’s correction process, and also survived natural selection, are responsible for the formation of all living species, and all organs, and all biological systems that have ever existed, and that exist today.

People with genetic disabilities and diseases are saved by modern medicine and technology. Most aren’t removed from the human “herd”. They remain in the genetic pool, and their illnesses and diseases do as well. So if evolution is the true source of all of humanity and all species on Earth, humans will be taking their own evolutionary course. It will be far different than the evolutionary course taken by animals in the wild. Bad mutations, genetic defects, and diseases will remain in the human population, and not be eliminated like they are with animals in the wild that are subject to natural selection. The buildup of genetic defects will increase exponentially. Humanity will eventually become one massive genetically defective population.

Evolution is a science with tunnel vision. It’s meant for animals in the wild, but not plants and people. Plants do not kill and consume each other, they don’t do battle for mates. The major factors connected to evolution’s selection and correction process are excluded for plants. Plants are eliminated from most of the effects of natural selection, which should make one wonder if evolution is and was capable of originating and forming all of the millions of species of plants on Earth, and their vast array of characteristics and biochemical processes. Do floods and droughts that kill off plants create enough selection to form flowers, weeds, cherries and trees, and all of their complex biological devices? Are evolution’s illusionists distracting their audiences by focusing completely on animal evolution?  Of course, they are. It’s a pretty good trick, and one used by stage illusionists all the time.

Humanity has been eliminated from most natural selection activity by our own intelligence and ingenuity. Natural selection improves the herd. The vast majority of mutations are deleterious for humans. According to modern science, the human “herd” cannot be corrected. The fact that bad mutations that occur during the formation of human sperms and eggs aren’t completely corrected, as cited by Dr. Pray, and are not removed by natural selection, is a potential catastrophe for humanity. We no longer exist within the predator/prey system that is credited by evolution’s illusionists with saving beneficial mutations and removing the bad ones. Humans are no longer animals in the wild. Since humans left the predator/prey system thousands of years ago, there is no entity that removes deleterious genetic mutations out of the human population. They will remain and be built on by newer deleterious mutations, generation by generation. Weaker humans can procreate nearly as frequently as do the strong healthy ones. Humans have found ways to eliminate practically all of the environmental problems that might select the strong and good mutations, and eliminate the bad. The vast majority of humans have efficient shelter and protection from most environmental difficulties, incredible food resources, and a plentiful supply of mates. We don’t have to do battle to win our mating partners. Humans have been nearly completely eliminated from the natural selection that drives evolution. The net result is we are gradually being poisoned by our own genetic system. Mankind will become inundated with mutants. At least 95% of mutations are inconsequential or deleterious, and these will remain in the human population, and build up, generation by generation. The future of mankind is that everyone will have cancer and severe physical limitations and illnesses due to this ongoing buildup and spread of bad mutations. If modern evolution and biology is correct, the human population on Earth will be destroyed by it’s own genetic system.

The only hope for humanity is if there is a natural controlling and correcting mechanism that is currently unknown or unrecognized by modern science, that is able to correct the replication errors caused by DNA and all of its molecular parts. Hopefully, there is such a controlling mechanism, and it can correct the massive numbers of mutations that have formed and will be forming in human DNA. If there is no correcting mechanism that can take over for the effects natural selection no longer has on humans, we humans will inhabit the Earth for a comparatively short time. We will have our own consciousness and intelligence, and our ability to protect ourselves from predation and most environmental upheavals, to blame for our demise. Is there an entity that is in a hierarchy above DNA that could save humanity from total collapse?

In my new book, which will be on Amazon in a few months, I will be discussing the entity that might save humanity from the disasters that evolution will bestow on us. And no, it’s got nothing to do with religion.

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