50.Evolution Personality Disorder Test:

Evolution Personality Disorder (EPD) is a severe disorder that affects happiness, well-being, sense of humor, and the friends and family of the victim. It’s extremely important that if you or someone you know seems to suffer from EPD, that you or they are immediately diagnosed and treated. In most cases EPD is incurable. In some rare cases, it can be treated and cured so it’s certainly well worthwhile to see if you are suffering from this dread illness and if you have a chance at a cure. Take this test to see if you suffer from EPD. Your score and prognosis are below in red.

You have EPD if you:

(1) Repeat the same comment over and over without realizing it. Come across as if you have been programmed and your comment is a recording. Can’t carry on a normal give and take conversation because you are so overly sure you are right.

(2) Believe that everyone that doesn’t agree with your point of view is really stupid. Openly call anyone who disagrees with you ignorant, stupid a moron, ignorant…

(3) Groupthink. You discuss as if you are in a group on your computer when you are alone. You use plural pronouns when you are obviously alone, instead of singular pronouns: “We” think that… Why are you saying that to “us”?… Instead of “I” think, or, Why are you saying that to “me”?

(4) Demean the education of someone you are discussing with when you have no knowledge about his or her education.

(5) Are unable to answer a question, instead of admitting so, or doing your own research, then answering, you refer the person to lists of books or papers that the person you are discussing with is supposed to go read and research.

(6) Adamantly believe tales that you were told by trainers that in any other venue you would scoff at. You are willing to accept that immense numbers of the most preposterous events imaginable occurred without the slightest bit of skepticism or wonder, simply because someone told you they occurred.

(7) Assign a belief system to people you discuss evolution with when you have no idea what their belief is. Come up with silly and commonly used responses like: “Did the skydaddy do it?” or “Was it made by the tooth fairy.” “So you believe in talking snakes?”

(8) Say some entity is “easy evolution”. For example, “Oh, vision is EASY evolution”.  Nothing in nature is “easy” or simple. In fact, even the most basic and “simple” entities are complex beyond imagination. A cell is more complex than a nuclear submarine.

(9) Tell me something has been solved when it hasn’t. “Oh, irreducible complexity has been refuted long ago.”  (It hasn’t.)  “The evolution of heart/lung systems has been solved years ago.” (It hasn’t)

(10) Respond to a challenge by saying, “You don’t understand evolution.”

Check and see how many of these symptoms apply to you. Score yourself by giving yourself one point for the use of each symptom.


A score of 0-1 is hopeful. You are a recent victim of EPD, and you may be curable.

2-4: a strong sign of EPD. The chance of a cure is not good. Prognosis is poor.

6-10: You are terminal. You will spend the remainder of your life with EPD, and there is no cure.


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  1. Euplectella (@ColauVera) said,

    Steve!! i have read your book and I’m trying to contact you!! (The contact form at the page http://www.evo-illusion.com does not work)

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