44a: Evolutionauts Line Up As Expected to Attack the U to TA Arlington

Photo 2 on 2-17-13 at 12.14 PMWhen I first began making videos attacking evolution on YouTube, I needed to concoct a pseudonym; a name I used as maker of the videos.  No one goes online with their real names and personal information. Well, few do.  Those that do risk harassment, identify theft, or any number of unwanted outcomes.  I figured that the questions I posed would immediately stump the evo-faithful. When the were stumped, they invariably reverted to the most incredible demeaning imaginable.  In fact one of my first videos was a laundry list of their most commonly used demeaning.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGUtL7ksQHA  if you would like to see it. I have never had a respectful inquisitive discussion with any evolutionaut, or evo-illusionist, and I have discussed with hundreds, probably thousands.  I have actually had some evolutionauts that started out by acting very respectful and inquisitive about my thoughts, but even those turn into demeaning when they realize they could not debate with facts and science.  They quickly get frustrated.  It’s tough to defend a fantasy that you believe in so deeply.  By the time my first video was uploaded, I was a very experienced debater with the evo-faithful.  I knew what to expect.  Their primary defense of evolution always goes to demeaning and personal attacks.  By this time I had been called every name under the sun, so I wanted to pick a pseudonym that was an obvious point of attack.  I wanted to see how long it would take evolutionauts to migrate from a vital discussion about very important subjects such as the characteristics and source of the genetic code, the origin of intelligence, and the origin of vision and visual systems, really important subject matter, to attacking my pseudonym and a tongue in cheek organization that I called the U of TA Arlington.  U of TA Arlington  sounds like some sort of university.  There is the U of T, (University of Texas) in Arlington, Texas. But there are numerous states that have a city named Arlington, so I put no state with the U of TA, I added an extra “A” so it wouldn’t be construed as the University of Texas, and I placed it in the credits of my early videos.  My own personal pseudonym was “Dr. Stephen Lyndon”, named after one of my favorite movies, “Barry Lyndon”.  My brother was over at the time, so I added him on as Dr. Anders Lyndon.  So my vids were credited to Dr. Stephen Lyndon, Dr. Anders Lyndon, both of the U ot TA Arlington. We had a good laugh.  The U of TA Arlington: what a completely nebulous “tongue in cheek” name.  We wondered how long it would take for the evo faithful, in the midst of debates about the origins of biological systems, to get frustrated, and revert to spending lots of time inquiring about the U of TA Arlington. How many would go to the University of Texas and search out Dr. Stephen Lyndon and Dr. Anders Lyndon?  How many would write dissertations about their searches, and rag endlessly about Dr. Stephen Lyndon and Dr. Anders Lyndon not being real names?  Not being at the University of Texas?  We didn’t have to wait long. The first few evolutionauts that debated me and got frustrated went for the bait.  And they chomped big time.  They searched out the U of  T, they asked, inquired, and tried so hard to find  these doctors, and the U of TA Arlingotn. They insisted that I made a mistake by putting in the extra “A”, that I really meant the University of Texas, that there was no one in the biology department by those names.  And on and on.  The response was overwhelming.  Innumerable hours were spent researching and writing about the U of TA Arlington.  Was it real? Is stevebee92653 a LIAR?  Liar is one of the most favored epithets used by evolutionauts against their opponents. Everyone is a liar that disagrees with evolution.

I never brought up the U of  TA Arlington in any discussions.  It just rode along at the end of a few of my vids.  After being harassed numerous times about the U of  TA Arlington at www.rationalskepticism.com, a discussion site made up of religious skeptics, but not evolution skeptics, (The site should be titled http://www.religiousskepticism.org) I told them it was a thinktank that discussed evolution, which brought endless comments. “Oh, it’s a secret think tank, is it?” They scoured the internet for information about the U of TA.  More time was wasted on their parts. More fun was had by me.  I’m sure if I posted the picture above and said it was four scientists from the U of TA, they would be on an endless search to see if they really are scientists, and from the U of  TA.


Interestingly, every one of the evo-faithful goes by a pseudonym on YouTube and on the chat rooms that favor evolution.  A perfect example is a guy named Campermon.  He is on the board of rationalskepticism.org,  Would anyone recognize this guy on the street? Or his name? I have to give him credit for uploading his actual picture. Most of the other writers on this site post non-identifying pictures, and pseudonyms.  The ones that rag on my pseudonym are the least identifiable.
The overwhelming point here is it shouldn’t matter who challenges a scientific theory of any kind.  If a third grader could disprove Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, it shouldn’t matter in the least the he is a third grader.  The point should always be what the challenge is, not who made the challenge.  The person who made the challenge is insignificant to what the challenge is.  In the particular instance below, I was in a discussion about the genetic code, and if it indeed is a real code, and what was its source.   As soon as the evolutionauts got stuck, they left the discussion of  the genetic code. They bit the bait of the U of TA Arlington, as evolutionauts on this site and many other  have so often done.  They began ragging again on the U of TA Arlington, a “defense” they have gone to numerous times on this thread; a clear symptom of the evolutionauts at www.rationalskepticism.org being completely out of ammo, and being unable to defend the evolution of the genetic code. Here is only a small example, and the  pseudonyms and “pictures” each complainer posted:

ADParker  ADParker wrote

While it should be bloody obvious to anyone with at least a couple of functioning braincells that he meant “U of T Arlington”, the common shortening of “University of Texas, Arlington” (even type it into the Google Search engine and it will immediately spit back “Did you mean: U of TA Arlington” and then provide links to the university of Texas in Arlington) but screwed it up by adding in that “A” (for Arlington); stevebee92653 of course, never willing to admit his failings, elected to use his errors as an excuse to mock and ridicule. By claiming that it meant something else entirely:

Some kind of secret think tank (with a biology dept. apparently) and this Dr Anders Lyndon switched from being his pen name to his brother.

DarthHelmet86 wrote:
So according to him we know the U is University and the A is Arlington but the T can’t be Texas? Or the A can’t be Arlington even though he goes on to say the state could Arlington. I am so confused, if they know it

darth helmetisn’t University of Texas Arlington then they must know what it really is so why not just say what it really is…or do they not know what it really is at all and it could be the University of Texas Arlington.

Oldskeptic wrote

U of TA Arlington means University of Texas at Arlington. Are you going to try to tell me that Stevey boy meant something different when he first posted these videos? Oh that’s right it is a super secret think tank that just happens to have the same name as a real university, and this illusive Anders Lyndon is a well respected member of this super secret think tank. And now it appears that Stevey boy is also a biologist and a member of the super secret think tank that just happens to go by the same name as the University of Texas at Arlington. The lie is in Stevey boy claiming that Anders Lyndon is a member of the department of biology at the University of Texas at Arlington, and then in another video claiming that he is a member of the department of biology at the University of Texas at Arlington. And he furthers the lie when he claims that he didn’t mean the department of biology at the University of Texas at Arlington.

There is nothing for Steve to do here if he won’t admit the lie. All he can do is stick with it and hope that it goes away, but as long as I’m around it won’t.

Rumraket wrote

rumraketAhh yes, a simple mistake of mixing up names and you take that as an excuse to move on to another subject because you FUCKING LIED on this one. Disgusting.
Let’s try again Steve: Why did you LIE about “Dr. Anders Lyndon” at the “U of TA Arlington” ?? I mean, if you were really right about all this crap, you would’t have to try to buff up your argument with false credentials, would you? THE TRUTH should be enough in itself, SHOULDN’T IT?

Adparker 2 wrote


Are you so gullible to believe stevebee92653‘s story that the video which he uploaded to youtube, in which he ended with the claim “Video by Dr Stephen B. Lyndon Biology Dept. U of TA Arlington” was not a claim to have been made by a person by that name from the Biology Dept. of the University of Texas Arlington?!

But is in fact just a “pen name” with an equally fictitious position as he originally claimed? Or his later story that Dr Stephen B. Lyndon is his brother who works at a secret think tank called ” U of TA Arlington”?

If the latter, as you claim to know stevebee92653 so well, and to have done so for so long; do you know his brother? (describe him.) Do you know the name of that think tank beyond the initials? Which of the “about 8 states” it is in?

Me: See how nicely hidden these complainers are? Anonymous pictures and pseudonyms every one.  Amazingly, few of the people who so fervently argue with me at ratskep have any biological education at all. Some have written as much on the thread.  Others have given away their education by having no idea what the key to the DNA/RNA code is.  Basic biology/biochemistry education should make them very  capable of understanding what I wrote about the key to the DNA  code. But two of the loudest arguers were stumped.  I left the key to the DNA/RNA code on the thread and asked them how evolution could devise and assemble such a brilliant code. 

Adparker responded after perusing the key:

That isn’t DNA, so what is it? 

Anyone with a cursory education in biology or biochemistry would know exactly what it was. When I respectfully told him (what a waste of respect) it was the code RNA takes from DNA, he responded: 

Oh I knew that all right. It’s RNA, not the DNA ‘code’ which then ‘calls’ the RNA to in turn lead to the proteins.

Well done for finally getting something right.

He not only inadvertently does one of the most famous and trite sitcom acts of all time after realizing he asked an ignorant question, (“Oh I knew that all right.”), he goes on to transparently “explain” so he hopefully will make me think he is familiar with the RNA/DNA code and protein synthesis.  He obviously has no education whatsoever in either. But without basic knowledge of protein synthesis and the genetic code, he is one of the noisiest arguers at ratskep. Then Thomas Eshuis steps in with his two cents worth. I had written to ADParker: 

stevebee92653 wroteAnyone familiar with protein synthesis would instantly know the difference between U and T and wouldn’t have to ask.

Thomas Eshuis
The above sentence makes neither sense nor does it address anything I said.

It doesn’t make sense to Thomas? Uh oh. Another ratskepper who knows nothing about the genetic code, doesn’t recognize the key, but is again one of the noisiest arguers at ratskep. Another noisy arguer for evolution is a guy named Cadman, who has never had a university class in any kind of biological science.  He knows so much he is certain that a videocamera is more complex than the human visual system.  Another, Oldskeptic, works in a restaurant, and also has never had a  university class in any science. What could be more of a hoax than people like these who have no university training, little science, and think they KNOW the modus operandi for how all of living nature formed? Specially considering the fact that no person who ever lived knows.  These people are special and very entertaining. Not fun, but entertaining. 


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