44: The U of TA Arlington and other Fun Suff

The above video is about my book Evo-illusion, now available at Amazon. The page begins below. 

u of ta arlington

The above video is about my book Evo-illusion, now available at AmazonThe URL for my book is www.Evo-illusion.com.

The page begins below.

of the U of TA Arlington, a think-tank that promotes the open discussion and skeptical look at modern thoughts regarding the origin of man, life, and
all living organisms. 



U of TA self replication






Right: Libby Denton PhD (1872-1927), our founder.
















Did this RNA just self replicate?



Work is ongoing to search out the origin of DNA and the genetic code. Dr. Anders Lyndon is on the right.  Dr. Stephen Lyndon better known as stevebee92653 is giving the victory sign. We are very close to an answer!


U of TA 2012 Convention

 The summer 2012 convention at the U of TA.  Over 700 participants came to. No one went away unhappy! Here the ascent of man from early primates is being discussed.






Testing the bacterial flagellum to see if it indeed is irreducibly complex.



  1. fellowprimate said,

    Ah yes, Sofia Kovalevskaya; remarkable and fascinating woman.

    • stevebee92653 said,

      No, that’s Libby Denton. Libby and Sofia looked very much alike, don’t you think?

  2. Scott MacIver said,

    Why is your thinktank building actually just a photoshopped picture of Newport High School?


    And why is the photo you claim to be you and your colleagues actually stolen from NASA?


    Also, as alluded above by someone else that as a photograph of Sofia Kovalevskaya. As the file name of the photo proves…

    Fuck’s sake Steve, if you’re going to lie at least put some effort into it.

    • stevebee92653 said,

      It’s a completely obvious spoof. I wanted to make it easy for you evolutionauts to figure out that it was, but alas, it makes no difference. C’mon, a picture of a lady from the 1800’s, an obvious high school, and completely covered up scientists working on space dust? Are you kidding? You evolutionauts are either wired from birth to take everything in life uber-seriously, or evolution has destroyed your sense of humor. I’m not sure which. Did you start out like that from birth? Or did it occur when you were indoctrinated into this dreaded hoax? Just curious. Go sit on a Whoopee Cushion. Please.

      Read 46a

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