Table of Contents

abiogenesis                                               p. 11

about me                                                   p.1

after the fact  excuses                             p. 3a

age of the universe                                   p. 1

Albert Einstein                                          p. 5

amoeba                                                       p. 20

anti-parallel                                               p. 24

ape/human chromosomes comparison   p. 22

apparent design                                         p. 22

archeopteryx                                              p. 3

ardipithecus ramidus                                 p. 15

arthropoda                                                  p. 13

Asimov, Isaac                                             p. 18

Astyanax                                                     p. 32

Australopithecus                                        p. 16

Ayala, Dr. Francisco                                   p. 22

bacterial flagellum                                     p. 3b, 5a

bases  (nucleotide)                                     p. 24

bat sonar                                                     p. 18

Big Bang                                                       p. 22

bio-systems and organs, spread of          p. 36

bird flight                                                     p. 20

bird flight evolution                                    p. 18

bird nests                                                     p. 20

bird teeth                                                     p. 4b

birds                                                             p. 13

birds and eggs and bird nests                   p. 4a

blind cave dwellers                                     p. 32

Blind Watchmaker, The                            p. 16

blood                                                            p. 20

blood vessels                                              p. 20

blow hole                                                     p. 19

butterflies                                                    p. 16

Cambrian Explosion                                   p. 13, 16, 18

carboniferous period                                  p. 13

caudipteryx                                                 p. 3a

centipedes                                                    p. 2

Charles Darwin                                           p. 2, 5, 13, 20

chimp/human chromosomes comparison       p. 22

chirality    (right and left handed molecules)     p.22

cis-regulaion                                              p. 20

clade drawing                                            p. 3a

coelacanth                                                  p. 2, 18, 20, ,

comments, my favorite                            p. 29

consciousness                                            p. 18

creationists                                                 p. 18

cures for disease and evolution               p. 27

cusps                                                           p. 20

David DeRosier                                         p. 16

debate with a university biology instructor    p. 22 G

debate with Florida Citizens for Science          p. 22 E

debate with Francisco Ayala                              p. 22 B

debate with  members of      p. 22 I, J, K

debate with Pharyngula web site (PZ’s own)        p. 22 C

debate with PHD molecular biologist       p.22

debate with TalkOrigins member             p. 22

debate with YouTube believers-my first    p. 22 D

DNA                                                              p. 24

Dover Trial                                                 p. 3b, 16

Dr. Michael Behe                                       p. 3b

Ear                                                               p. 20

ears and hearing                                         p. 18

Eldridge, Niles                                            p. 28

elephant                                                      p. 20

eoalulavis                                                    p. 3a

epigenetics                                                  p. 20

ERV                                                             p. 7

essential irreducible complexity             p. 16

16ev-abiogenesis                                       p. 20

ev-illusion                                                   p. 3a

ev-illusion                                                 p. 20

evolution shibboleths                               p. 1

eye evolution                                            p. 18

eyes and hearts, evolution of                p. 4a

Field Museum, Chicago                           p. 2

Flowers                                                   p. 13

forces of nature                                     p.22

fossa                                                      p. 20

functional shift                                       p. 3

gaining genetic information                  p. 1

Galileo Galilei                                          p. 1

genetic code                                          p. 24

geographic separation                        p. 18

giraffe                                                    p. 20

Gould, Stephen J.                            p. 28

gravity, forces                                  p. 22

grooves                                         p. 20

Hadean                                        p. 11

hearing evolution                        p. 9

heart-lung system                       p. 20

hemoglobin                                   p. 18

hemoglobin number                    p. 18

homo erectus                               p. 15

homo habils                               p. 15

homo sapien                               p. 16

indoctrination, why I say you are     p. 34

indohyus                                     p. 19

infinite existing matter         p. 22

inter-species procreation      p. 32

insect flight                             p. 13

insects                                   p. 13

insects                                    p. 20

intelligent design                 p. 26

Irreducible complexity (IC)       p. 3b

IQ and natural selection       p. 22

Ken Dial                                    p. 4b

Ken Miller                            p. 3a

kreb’s citric acid cycle       p. 20

linking ring trick                  p. 3

liposome                              p. 11

lungs                                  p. 20

Meave Leakey                 p. 15

Meyers, Dr, PZ               p. 22

micelle                             P. 11

Michael Behe                  p. 16

Miller, Dr. Ken           p. 3b, 5a, 16

montmorelonite clay      p. 11

mouse trap                        p. 16

multi chambered heart       p. 8

mutation location                 p. 4

natural selection           p. 1, 32

Neanderthal                 p. 15

Neil Shubin                    p. 16

Nests                              p. 20

Noah’s Ark                      p. 20

Nucleotides                  p. 24

Of Pandas and Man      p. 16

oculomotor system, evolution of     p. 32

origin of flight                  p. 4b

Pangea                          p. 7

peer reveiwed papers     p. 1

population calculations, age of man  p. 35, 35a

primary teeth                 p. 20

protoarchaeoptery         p. 3a

punctuated equilibrium   p. 28

PZ Meyers evolution site      p. 5

random mutations          p. 32 (Euphemisms)

raptorex kriegsteini        p. 2

retinal cells                       p. 18

rhyniognatha hirsti           p. 4b

Richard Dawkins     p. 17, 20

Robots          p. 1

sea horse        p. 2

sea squirt heart            p. 8

sexual reproduction      p. 20

sinosauropteryx      p. 3

asivatherium giganteum         p. 20

skin               p. 4b

speciation      p. 18, p. 36

spiders, and their webs, evolution of         p. 4b

spread of bio-systems and organs      p. 36

survival of the fittest     p. 20

T. Rex       p. 2

teeth               p. 20

The Blind Watchmaker       p. 18

tiktaalik      p. 8, 16

the tree of   life         p. 22

trilobites          p. 2

type 3 bacterial injector     p. 16

unenlagia       p. 3

velociraptor         p. 3

vision          p. 18

vestigial organs         p. 29

web making gland of the spider          p. 20

whale             p. 16

whale blowhole         p. 19

zero-up hyper-complexity       p. 3b



  1. Steve's Tiny id said,

    Why is the table of contents all the way over here?

    Did it evolve into place or was it bad design?

    • Challagar said,

      Did it take all week for that lame joke to evolve or was it a product of bad design?

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