E: I Debate a Florida Citizens for Science User

He names himself PC Bash because in one debate he argued with a user named PC.  Obviously another happy evillusionist.  Florida Citizens for Science  is a group that was instrumental in  getting a court decision that would ban any alternative thinking on the origin of species in the public school system.

PC-Bash: If the human jaw was designed intelligently, then why do we grow wisdom teeth? (Me: Why did natural selection “select” teeth that weren’t needed? Does PC have any idea how complex the jaws and teeth are? He couldn’t and ask such a question.)

PC-Bash: The damage that Creationism, or its current two political incarnations, “Intelligent” Design and anti-Evolutionism, will cause to children and to science as a whole is much more scary than it is funny.(Me: What damage? Very few people care an ounce about the subject, and few ever give a thought.)

Me: Evolutionists say eyes evolved when there was no vision on the planet earth. How did mutations know that if it continued in one of millions of possible directions, it would wind up with an incredible vision system?

PC-Bash: To go from a light sensitive organ, which is useful to itself, to an eye is not difficult, nor is it any sort of engineering feat. (Me: Right! A very simple task. Anyone could do it with enough time and some cardboard, wires, and glue.)

PC-Bash goes onto a long explanation of how eyes evolved that is less believable than Alice in Wonderland: “Animals with narrower openings would have less debris enter this cavity, and animals that developed sphincter muscle would have additional protection, with the ability to close off this opening to protect it from harmful debris…….Still, the cavity is susceptible to debris. The sphincter muscle helps, but skin tissue could help even more. If skin, or perhaps some other translucent material grows over the opening, then the animal can go places that it would normally have to avoid…….I fail to see how evolution could fail to develop an eye, or how any part of this eye, when approached in this logical order, is too complex to evolve from simple nerve tissue, over millions and millions of years.

PC Bash: Do you believe that animals with better advantage are more likely to survive, or not?

ME: Sure, but why did homo sapiens dis-evolve the ability to survive in the wilderness unclothed? Is that survival of the weakest? Out of billions of species, we are the only specie on the planet earth that cannot survive unclothed in our own backyards most months of the year. Oh, let me answer that for you: I am setting up a straw man, putting the cart before the horse, hand waving, I should get a basic biology book, and I am an idiot for asking.

PC Bash: We no longer needed (the status of being in”need” requires intelligence) fur and hair. Notice that we stand upright, and the most exposed part of our body, our head, still has hair. (Me: What about our shoulders?) If a mutation, such as albinoism or lack of hair, doesn’t harm an animal’s ability to survive, then natural selection will not have the opportunity to cull it. Poor argument. Please try again.

Also, it is fairly well established through anthropology records that humans migrated from tropical regions to temperate regions. Having fur is a distinct disadvantage in a tropical region: fur attracts more parasites, it retains sweat longer (harder to regulate body heat), it is harder to clean (thus leading to more opportunities for disease), etc.

ME: Your answer is so inane, I have to give it one more go.
Let’s see: Apes in Africa (the tropics), as well as lions, and tigers, etc. evolve fur even though they don’t need it. Apes then dis-evolve fur and become homo sapiens. They migrate to where it’s freezing cold, colder than they could imagine, and they don’t re-evolve fur. I get it! The wonders of evolution at work!

PC Bash: We don’t really need fur if we can make clothes, do we? Why spend all of that energy on fur when we have a large enough brain to seek clothing? If anything, not having fur puts us at an advantage, because we can cast off our faux fur when we don’t need it.

I don’t answer on this one anymore, and I give. Why keep on trying……………


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