1b Rules and Suggestions for Comments on this Site:

Don’t waste your time with these horrendously trite evo-comments and multi-repeated comments.  They have been said time and time again, ad nauseum.  If you can’t think on your own, and do better than these, don’t waste your time.  If you would like to see a sampling of deleted comments, see p. 1c:

1. Get an education, read a biology book, oh, read this book by Richard Dawkins: “Mountains of Evidence”………my education was far more adequate than that required for a Masters in Biological Science degree. I have been ragged on for not listing the courses I have taken.  So for those raggers,  here is that list  of courses that pertain to this subject: 1.5 yr. biochemistry and molecular biology, 1 sem. anthropology, 1 yr. biology, 1 yr. physiology, 1 yr microbiology, 1 yr. anatomy with full dissection, 1 yr. organic chemistry, 1 yr. physics, 1 year chemistry, 1 sem botany, 1 yr. histology, 4 sem periodontal study and  pathology, 1 sem. dental histology and embryology, 1 sem pathology, 1 sem. dental pathology.

A partial list of books I have read beyond the texts for the above courses: The Genius Within (Vertosick), The Symbiotic Universe (Greenstein), The Collapsing Universe (Asimov), The Blind Watchmaker  (Dawkins), Galaxies, What is Life?, Einstein’s Universe, On Civilized Stars, The Selfish Gene (Dawkins), Time-LIfe “The Emergence of Man”, The Canon (Angier)……..

I am certain that neither of these lists will satisfy evolutionauts.  They will still rag on my education, and say I am not telling the truth. Why? Because they have no where else to go. They can’t actually take on my challenges, so they will have to keep coming back here.  And I don’t blame them. What else can they do?  It’s clearly their best strategy.

2. Get your writing peer reviewed. This suggestion is beyond inane. All “peer reviewers” in this subject are indoctrinated evolutionauts.  Any anti-evolution paper would be rejected before it was even read.  I put all of my stuff on this blog and YouTube for the world to view and attack.  I have debated with PhD biologists, biology instructors, a PhD molecular biologist,  many evolutionauts at one time on richarddawkins.net, rationalskeptic.org,  the PZ Meyers directed site , evolution:http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2007/12/evolution_of_vertebrate_eyes.php…..incredibly well educated evo-scientists.  My debates are listed and posted on p. 23.

3. That’s an “argument from ignorance, incredulity”: Says nothing except shows how incapable you are of thinking on your own.

4. You are nothing but a biblical creationist, religious, a religious zealot, you are hiding your religion :  Not even close.  PLEEZE don’t try to argue religion with me. I am not religious.  The Golden Rule is sacrosanct, and I try to live by it as closely as I can.  Other than that, please, no pope’s, ministers, religious creationists, religious book verses, fables, Hovinds. It is a waste of your time here. If you want to argue religion, go to a religious site and have at it.  If you want to argue science, and  the origins of life, species, and bio-systems, you are in the right place.

5. Goddidit, magic sky fairies, invisible sky daddy……Ugh. Horrible and so trite. No intelligence required by you.

6. Who designed the designer?: Since I freely admit I have no idea what the source of the designs was, I obviously don’t know the answer to this question.  Just as you don’t know the origin of life, the Big Bang, atoms, why the universe is here instead of nothing.  There are some things no human is capable of answering, so don’t waste your time with this awful comment.

7. The source of living nature was resolved 150 years ago. Get over it. Sorry. It wasn’t.

8. 99% of all scientists believe evolution: This is pure dishonesty.  There is nothing on earth that 99% of any population believes. 15% of Germans still think Hitler did a good job.

9.  Any kind of personal demeaning, name calling.  I go by the same rules as a major pro-evolution site: http://www.rationalskepticism.org.  You can say anything you want about a comment, but not the commenter.

10.  Don’t waste your time copy/pasting huge chunks from this or any other site. It just takes up room on comments section, which is limited. And I cannot archive.

11. Personal attacks on me: I have left acres of those in the comments section all over this blog. So repeating the attacks is just a waste of your time and my space.

12.  Don’t leave links to YouTube vids by evo-gurus such as potholer54, AronRa, cdk007, donexodus or the like.  I have debated with these people, and some of the debates are copied on this blog. p.23 I am VERY familiar with what they have to say, and I have watched most of their videos. Again, I have debated with PhD molecular biologist, PZ Meyers group, university biology instructors, richarddawkins.net, rationalskepticism.org…..a great sampling of the most intelligent evolutionauts I could find.

13.  Refrain from  leaving links to other sites that “know the truth”:  They don’t. No one does.  I have reviewed just about every major evolution site on the net.

Use you own thinking. Short quotes are fine. Huge chunks are not.

I will add to this list as comments come up that have been immensely overused.  I really do want intelligent evolutionaut challenges, and this list should be helpful.

Please keep your comments within the scope of this blog. If you are an evolutionaut, please do not waste your time and mine trying to attack me personally.  My name, background, family, parents, children, et al, have nothing to do with my argument that Darwinian evolution is not a valid theory, and it doesn’t explain the incredibly complex inventions designed and formed by nature. Find mistakes in my thinking. Show me where I am wrong. If you are an evolutionaut, and you cannot validly challenge my thinking, be honest and admit that you cannot. If you do find mistakes or errors in my thinking, I will make changes in my writing.  That you can then use as a victory trophy. No one has come close to getting that trophy yet.

I promote independent thinking. I have seen and read most pro-evolution sites, and many anti-evolution sites, and I pretty much know what they say. So, please do your own thinking and challenging, and refrain from forwarding links. Don’t waste your time giving me broad generalizations in hopes that you can show me how evolution “really” works. I know the theory. Your best challenge for me is to specifically pick any of my points and, using your intellect and education,  let me know where you think I am wrong. I have been called every name imaginable, so you may dispense with that. For some reason , evolutionauts think this ploy is a good way to debate. And, if you read my debates section and comments, you will see that virtually every debater, and negative commenter has used that ploy. It’s getting to the point that I think evolutionauts demean like dogs bark. Neither one can be stopped. It only makes you look bad, and is deleterious to your debate position.

If you have a couple of minutes, here is a video I constructed featuring the top 21 shibboleths that I have received.  Please try to stay away from these, and be original.  Thanks!

Please us the lower left arrow so you won’t be shipped to YouTube.

So if you want to waste your time repeating these or similar phrases you will look foolish and you would give me reason to edit you off the site.

And Lastly…………………….

The title of this blog is ev-illusion.  I could not place the dash in the URL. It is NOT evil-ution. It refers to the fact that evolution is nothing but an illusion that fools many people.  It is written with the dash in hundreds of locations in this blog. So if you are an evolutionaut, don’t wast your time with the “evil” thing.  And remember before spouting, that eviL-uTion has one “L” not two, and a “T” not an “S”.
The pages of this blog are placed in chronological order, and are composed of my thoughts and experiences with ev-illusionists as they come, so no need to read in any particular order.

If you would like to further search this blog, the page index may be at the bottom rather than at the side column depending on the power of your internet connection.



  1. DAVID HUFF said,

    just finished reading your entire blog…
    fantastic stuff old boy. you’ve really exposed the whole evo
    issue and it’s inherent philosophy.
    truly enjoyable…

    • F.Whitman said,

      His nobel prize and world fame awaits then, he’s not only destroyed the grand unifying theory of biology, beaten the greatest minds on the planet with regard the discipline but also presented a brilliantly argued and evidence backed case for why it’s all wrong…

      Oh, wait…

    • stevebee92653 said,

      Thanks! For the compliment, and visit.

      • cadman2300 said,

        It’s amusing how Steve doesn’t realize that he’s being humored. Apparently he didn’t notice the “Oh, wait” part.

      • Chewbywhooby said,

        Oh the irony.

        Did you get your Nobel prize then?

  2. d huff said,

    he was replying to my post…
    he’s not being humored.
    stevebee is well aquainted with
    the tired worn out sarcasm of
    dogmatic evonauts like you…
    the “oh, wait” ?? so very clever…
    borderline genius!!… not

    • cadman2300 said,

      Riiiiiggggghhhhht. I don’t believe in organic life being magically conjured into existence by a supreme supernatural inventor like Steve does, and somehow that makes me “dogmatic”. Ha, you wish.
      Maybe if Steve came up with something other than dumbed-down ID arguments, the feedback he gets from “evolutionauts” would be different but I don’t see that happening any time soon.

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