45. rationalskepticism.org Responds to the Invention of Insect Gears

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The page begins below.


jumping insectAn incredible insect, the planthopper has a set of gears that operates its hind legs together so it can jump.  The planthopper insect above is using his gears to take a flying leap. Take a look at the gears above left. They’re nothing but astounding. They look like they were machined. My challenge for evolution regarding these incredible gears isn’t so much the design of the gears. It’s the INVENTION of the gears. Evolutionauts discuss the gears as if the invention is already in place, and all they need to do is discuss their design, and how that design formed through random mutations and natural selection. Either challenge, invention and/or design eliminates evolution as the source of living nature.

An Italian creationist who calls himself Coroama, who does a very good job of challenging evolution on a scientific basis, placed images of the insect gears on rationalsketpicism.org, my favorite pro-evolution forum. Of course he requested an explanation of how these gears could have formed through evolution from the forum members. (A thread was set up at rationalskepticism.org that was dedicated to me: Why Stevebee is Wrong. I discussed with the “skeptics” over several years and 320 pages. I received many “warnings”, I was given temporary bans, and finally I received a lifetime ban from them. I guess they just couldn’t take the challenges I had for them. It’s better to ban than to look foolish. I was always respectful in my responses, but that doesn’t really matter there. If they get embarrassed too often by challenges, they give phony warnings to the challenger. Then….a lifetime ban. It’s a complete waste of time trying to communicate with people who are so indoctrinated that they can’t carry on a rational discussion, but I sure tried. The lifetime ban is actually great for me. It will keep me from wasting any more of my time there.) Coroama’s challenge was of course, how did these gears evolve? One gear evolving, much less evolving to perfectly match its opposing gear isn’t in the realm of possibilities. Coroama’s discussion started with:


How do we know these gears evolved, as opposed to having been designed? Because we know that everything in biology evolved. And how do we know that everything evolved? Because we know that nothing was designed. Right. But how do we know that nothing was designed? Because we know everything evolved.
Ah, got it now. Everyone clear?

The responses were telling. The astounding thing is none of them, not one, can take a look at these gears, and actually think, and be skeptical that evolution could not be their source. They are skeptical only of religion. Skepticism of religion is the source of the title of the site, not skepticism per se. It should be titled www.skepticalofreligion.org. They have absolutely no skepticism of evolution. Not a lick. Their responses range from silly, to trying to make fun of Coroama, to absurd attempts at explaining the evolution of these gears. Evolution has no explanation. The best way for evolutionauts to explain their inexplicable belief is to make fun of any challenges, or dismiss the questioner as a dunce. Never is the question addressed. These people are so much fun for me; unending entertainment. The question is how could they not be embarrassed to be part of a group of such indoctrinates. Here is a sample:

BlackBart » Dec 21, 2013 4:38 pm

No, cuz we all know a big giant who lives in the sky magiked the gears.

igorfrankensteen » Dec 21, 2013 4:41 pm

Don’t be so silly. These particular insects are the monitoring robots planted here by the Zeta-Centaurians.

hackenslash » Dec 21, 2013 4:42 pm

Hey, James, what can you tell me about the elbow joint of the lesser spotted weasel frog?

camperman Dec 21, 2013

Those cogs don’t look like they’re designed. Each tooth has slight variations to it – a sure sign of an evolved system, If it had been designed, surely each cog would be identical to ensure maximum power transmission?

SafeAsMilk » Dec 21, 2013 5:15 pm

Yes, clearly gears are such a complex configuration that it could never have evolved. Therefore God. Clastie wins the internet!

Bribase » Dec 21, 2013 5:24 pm

I don’t think there is any problem with coming up with such a structure through evolutionary mechanisms. Gears are simply a way to maximise friction between two surfaces, there was a selection pressure to syncronise the movement of the legs to control the jump. Rough (high friction) surfaces are selected for, rough surfaces become bumps, bumps become teeth, teeth become sawtooth patterns, sawteeth become gears, all by a process of natural selection.

It’s the most parimonious explanation, at least in my opinion Coroama. If you care to provide an alternative mechanism by which such a structure can arise in the natural world please enlighten US.

Coroama » Dec 28, 2013 1:01 pm (Caroama puts in his two cents worth, obviously to no avail.)

Synchronise, control,maximise friction……
Its hard not to borrow words that are result of design and intelligence, isn’t it ?? That’s what happens when a lie is told thousand times. People start to believe it without the ability to think and recognize the nonsense they have been teached……

theropod » Dec 21, 2013 5:40 pm

… and these gears are not present in the adult form if I’m not mistaken. Does the designer not feel the morphology would be helpful in adults?

maichem » Dec 21, 2013 11:15 pm

You won’t often get serious answers when your question shows such a low level of understanding of…well…anything. I fear you might leave this thread with an air of superiority because no serious response is given, but only ridicule. This is not to be taken as an admission that the question is clever, but rather that the ramblings are not worth the effort, in the same way that you don’t try to explain quantum physics to the elementary.
For the sake of your own dignity, please stop making a fool of yourself, and your god for that matter (as it probably matters to you).

Shagz » Dec 22, 2013 1:07 am

So something was found in nature that resembles a human-designed device. Therefore, it absolutely must have been designed.
If anyone suggests that it’s possible that, somewhere in the astounding variation that natural selection produces, there might be some part that happens to evolve to resemble a human-designed device… don’t listen to them, they’re just buying into the atheist scientist propaganda.

scott1328 » Dec 22, 2013 2:54 am

What’s more, there are numerous phenomena found in nature that resemble nothing like human design. These phenomena of course are also attributed to Intelligent design due to their apparent subtlety and cleverness.
So it comes down to this
1) If a characteristic is found in nature that resembles human design, then it is due to an Intelligent designer.
2) If a characteristic is found in nature that does not resemble human design, then it s due to an intelligent designer.

There is no observation that can be made EVEN IN PRINCIPLE that falsifies the Design Hypothesis. Such an ingenious scam could only be dreamt of by an Intelligent Designer. (and it wasn’t God)

 Thommo » Dec 28, 2013 1:29 pm

…when I see water flow downhill and thus minimise its height I can’t help but think “fuck me that puddle is clever!

Bribase » Dec 28, 2013 2:03 pm

And read in the context of what I wrote, you would understand that I’m talking from a standpoint of evolution. Do you understand what a selection pressure is, Coroama? Do WE need to walk you through the basic concepts of evolutionary biology?

In regards to that post, now that you have time to reply to it, could you provide US with an alternative mechanism by which this structure could arise in the natural world? Other than the one I briefly outlined?

Bribase » Dec 28, 2013 2:51 pm

You could also apply the same intuition to infer that the earth is flat, fixed and the planets and stars revolve around it. The evidence of other mechanisms would demonstrate that you are incorrect.
As I told you in my previous posts, if you want to compete with evolution as an explanation you’re going to need to provide us with an alternative mechanism by which these structures arose in the natural world.



  1. Otangelo Grasso said,

    haha. Coroama, that was me. They kicked me out of their forum. They do not support to hear the truth….

  2. Nathan Manning said,

    Actually, they probably kicked you out because of your constant plagiarism.

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