27: Evolution Credits Itself with Modern Wonders

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It’s astounding how evolutionauts try to credit evolution with all kinds of miraculous modern conveniences, devices, and cures, when it has nothing whatsoever to do with those.  Modern biology , genetics, chemistry, biochemistry, et al, should get all the credit for the modern marvels that come from these great sciences, but evolution unblushingly takes the credit; just as it does for the formation of complex visual systems, consciousness, hearts, etc. Selected mutations cannot possibly have formed all of the incredible devices in nature, but like a religion, evolutionauts believe in those miracles of impossibility.  Here is a comment I received on one of my YouTube videos about the wonders of evolution, and how horribly stupid I am.  He suggested a website for me to check on the subject, which I did.  The first entry was an excellent piece by an evo-skeptic that just couldn’t have described the situation any better.  So I am reprinting it here.

Comment from CapnOrdinary

Any multiple drug treatment to prevent the evolution of resistant bacteria or vira is a product of the theory of evolution, just to take one example. This includes, but is not limited to, current antibiotic regimens for the flu at one end up to and including HIV at the other end of the scale.
As for technological marvels, any software running an artificial neural network is also an extrapolation of the theory of evolution into mathematical principle.

Here’s a short blog you might find interesting as well:

Really, your ignorance on the details of the subject you are attacking is staggering.

The first response on the site CapnOrdinary suggests:

“My own experience in reading the biological literature is that evolution has very little to do with nuts and bolts biology (e.g., genetics, biochemistry, anatomy and physiology). Biologists, by and large, try to understand existing systems and structures — what they’re made of, how they’re constructed, and how they function. How they evolved is largely beside the point.

Yet to read evolutionists about the scientific status of evolutionary theory, one often gets the impression of salesmen who are omitting crucial details about the product they are selling. Thus one reads that evolution is a fruitful scientific theory that is put into practice every day by scientists across numerous areas of biology and beyond.

A case in point was a recent trackback by Josh Rosenau to the article by Paul Johnson that I cited on my blog … . According to Rosenau, evolution is “a theory which has created cures for diseases and alleviated suffering.”

“Created cures”? The author of this extravagant claim provides no references. I try to stay on top of the field of biocomputing, which uses models inspired by Darwinian evolution to solve problems at the intersection of biology and computation, but I’m unfamiliar with drug companies using these techniques to design or create new drugs.

Moreover, even if these techniques are used to develop new drugs, this reference to “creating cures” actually vindicates intelligent design because these techniques, even if inspired by Darwinian evolution, require careful engineering and thus are design intensive….

My suspicion, therefore, is that Josh Rosenau meant something much more plebeian when he referred to evolutionary theory as “creating cures.” What I suspect he is referring to is that bacteria, through a process of natural selection, tend to acquire immunity to antibiotics. Thus, for infections to be treated effectively, drug companies need to design new drugs to overcome the increased immunity of these bacteria.

But, in that case, it is not the theory of evolution that provides insight into how to design new antibiotics that knock out bacteria that have developed an immunity to old antibiotics. Rather, it is the drug designer’s background knowledge and ability as a researcher that enables him or her to design appropriate new drugs that knock out these bacteria. All evolution is doing here is describing the process by which these bacteria acquire antibiotic resistance — not how to design drugs capable of overcoming that resistance.

To say that evolution is “a theory which has created cures for diseases and alleviated suffering” is therefore misleading. It is like saying that tooth decay has assisted in designing new methods of filling cavities. In both these instances, evolution and tooth decay are problems that need to be overcome by design.”



  1. Alejandro said,

    Evolution saves! Evolution will return and take us to the promised land!! Charllelujah brothers!!! Darwin is the way!!
    First, credit of giving (creating) life. Now, credit of saving lives… what’s next?? evolution saving the world from the global financial crisis?
    Are these guys serious?

  2. stevebee92653 said,

    It is amazing. The invention of the computer and cotton gin?………

  3. Thea said,

    Stevebee….I find myself immensely immersed on your website as your sentiments echo mine precisely. My question to you is what response do you give to avid evolutionists that claim resistant viruses and bacteria exemplify evolution. Would you identify this as microevolution? Is it possible that this genetic information existed in some organisms and multiplied as a reaction to enviromental circumstances? Or would you support the claim that possibly genetic information was modifed?

    • stevebee92653 said,

      Thanks for the immerse! Evolutionauts use bacteria that supposedly evolved the ability to digest nylon and citric acid as big examples of modern evolution. Add to that the peppered moth who changed its wing color, and mosquitoes and fruit flies that don’t mate with other groups of the same. The notion that this is good evidence, even if true is ludicrous. How would they know that a species that has existed for over 3 billion years (bacteria) suddenly had the ability to evolve new digestive enzymes? Did an enzyme that already existed in the nylon bacteria already have the ability to digest nylon? But, to even think about these examples much is absurd considering the immense size of nature and its incredible bio-electromechanical devices that selected mutations has to account for. All of the evidence for current evolution is invisible. Bacteria? Insects that don’t mate? All invisible. They need hugely visible evidence to show that selected mutations was responsible for the hugely visible devices and species that exist today.

      • Thea said,

        I concur. There are certain evolutionary assertions that I do find myself ambivalent on. Most paleontologists purport that the lack of transitional fossils in the records is the greatest stumbling block to their discipline yet evolutionists everywhere claim that overwhelming evidence exists in favour of evolution. Who to believe? I do agree that organisms exhibit such complicated and sophisticated bio-machinery that the thought of this resulting from randomness in an uncontrolled enviroment is ludicrous. I studied evolution extensively in university and like yourself, was an avid evolutionist for an extended period of time until I started studying the inner workings of molecules and DNA. Anthony Flew (pronounced atheist) also came to the same conclusion and modified his stance. Food for thought.


        P.S. I LOVED your video on Abiogenesis Made Difficult. Your modern ‘Sterilizer’ reference was priceless.

      • Phyerbyrd said,

        Nylon didn’t exist on earth until humans made it. There would be no reason to be able to digest a non-existent material. Why is it that you get to set the bar for evidence anyway? The desert banana is human-cultivated and incapable of surviving in the wild. The yellow color and sweet taste were mutations take advantage of by farmers. Broccoli is actually a form of domesticated mustard, bred to provide more food per plant. One kid in germany was born with huge muscles and was capable of standing and lifting seven-pound weights at a very young age. People with one copy of the sickle cell gene are resistant to malaria. What do you want? A guy born with two extra fully functioning arms?

      • stevebee92653 said,

        Absurd examples of evolution that have you fooled. Have you seen any nylon-eating bacteria? Your examples are all invisible or so tiny that they have no significance except to fool people. Bananas that have changed? Breeding directed by intelligence? Your acceptance, your skepticism is a bar that is below ground. How about moths that changed wing color. You can’t see how insignificant those are yourself? Where is your skepticism? Think of what natural selection supposedly invented, and assembled, and improved, and compare those with your over-tired examples. You can’t. You believe too much. You forgot cecal valves of Pacific island lizards.

  4. Latimeria said,

    In pharmacology, evolution is not just about knowing how things EVOLVED (past tense), but how things EVOLVE (present tense) and applying that knowledge and knowledge of current selective pressures in order to predict how they WILL EVOLVE (future tense). This is how the theory of evolution combines with pharmacology, biochemistry, genetics, chemistry, etc. to be a useful contribution to the field of medicine. AIDS cocktails given to patients with AIDS have this knowledge taken into account. Evolution of HIV is precisely what causes AZT to be ineffective in the long term, and other antiretroviral drugs, CCR5 antagonists, protease inhibitors, and the like to be necessary.

    • Kent Perry, AZ. said,

      Latimeria said:This is how the theory of evolution combines with pharmacology, biochemistry, genetics, chemistry, etc. to be a useful contribution to the field of medicine. AIDS cocktails given to patients with AIDS have this knowledge taken into account. Evolution of HIV is precisely what causes AZT to be ineffective in the long term, and other antiretroviral drugs, CCR5 antagonists, protease inhibitors, and the like to be necessary.”

      My God man are we to assume “predicting” cures to test is the direction you idiots are taking in Medicine? To think they say ID will bring science back to the stone age.

      Gee dude you idea would work but only IF EVOLUTION WERE TRUE!

      Else we could change the Eskimo’s Diet to lean mean and expect them to evolve fur to keep them warm. Does it not occur to these idiots using virus as evolution examples that there has always been a cure for the common cold. Yeah if you get a cold and don’t take nothing for it, the cold (Rhinovirus) well eventually go away right? Yeah something KILLS IT and it is something if I were a Darwit I would use it as an example of evolution and say I evolved a cure.!

      We have an auto immune system so amazing just thinking something like this could have happened by accident makes those idiots saying it, so worthy of having the shit beat out of them for being so stupid it is more amazing they are not all getting there asses kicked. We Adapt like the Borg. Yeah that is what happens as amazing as that seems and THAT is how the cure for the cold gets done without help.

      So, Latimeria, when you said:”This is how the theory of evolution combines with pharmacology:”

      No, it is how the theory of evolution IMPOSES itself into the field if Medicine, much to the dismay of Medical Doctors who are so fed up with Dawkins and his bullshit science always trying to find ways to language there silly theory into REAL areas of science, so evolution can ride in the coat tails of that REAL Science’s advancments and inventions.

      To suggest Science is using evolution to get an idea how virus will evolve is like shooting an arrow at the side of a barn then walking up to it and painting a target around it yelling SUCCESS!

      Bacteria don’t evolve resistance the inject the genes that are most successful in fighting off anti-biotics overwhelming it with a greater number of bacteria having the new gene. This is why it is important to finish your complete prescriptions of anti biotics. Nylon wasn’t around back in Adam and eves day so Bacteria that can eat it, must have evolved is another really stupid thing to assume. Shit Bacteria EAT ALL KINDS of crap that wasn’t around back then. but just because WE can;t eat nylon doesn’t mean bacteria can’t. When we found out it can eat oil from oil spills should give you a hint about what bacteria does. In the Bible it speaks of it as the unseen janitors of the world consuming any and all kinds of waste and refuse. The amazing digestive abilities of bacteria eating Nylon shouldn’t surprise anyone in the least but tell CapnOrdinary, that even if nylon (which is made from corn by the way), was around in Adams day, ya know what?


      So what?

  5. humbled4444 said,

    Scientists at the University of Alberta have revived bacteria from the historic Franklin expedition who mysteriously perished in the Arctic nearly 150 years ago. Not only are the 6 strains of bacteria almost certainly the oldest ever revived, says medical microbiologist Dr. Kinga Kowalewska-Grochowska three of them also happen to be resistant to antibiotics. In this case, the antibiotics clindamycin and cefoxitin, both of which developed more than a century after the men died, were among those used.
    – Ed Struzik, Ancient bacteria revived, Sunday Herald, September 16, 1990, A1

    This study clearly shows bacteria were already antibiotic resistant a century before these antibiotics were invented. Antibiotic resistant bacteria have not evolved but always existed. Once we kill off the bacteria non-resistant to antibiotics, only the antibiotic-resistant bacteria remain. Antibiotic resistance is NOT evidence for evolution.

    • stevebee92653 said,

      Using antibiotic resistance as evidence for evolution is absurd anyway, and shows how hard up evolution is for evidence. This is an excellent comment. Thanks.

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